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16 years old and cardiac arrest. Immediate help saved my life ❤️


I was 16 years old leaving college, I can’t recall anything of what happened that day but this is what I’m told. Apparently I was running for a train and I collapsed and became unresponsive and it was very clear that something was wrong. One of my friends was giving me CPR whilst the emergency services was called, they come to the scene within 3 minutes. My heart had not been beating for a while and i was shocked by a defibrillator many times, apparently they were close to giving up. But they didn’t, and my heart started beating again, I hadn’t regained consciousness so I had to go to hospital and was placed in an induced coma which means I was basically frozen to reduce the brain damage. It turned out I had a genetic cardiac condition called hypertrophic cardiacmyopathy and they have now implanted with me an ICD which is a mini defibrillator and it has saved my life a further 4 times where my heart has gone to go into cardiac arrest but the ICD has shocked it back. I am forever grateful for everyone who had helped me that day, who still supports me now and my little machine inside me who helps me everyday. It has made me realise how special our hearts are and they need taking care of, one failed pump around the body and it is fatal. I am so extremely lucky to be here today, some people don’t have the chance I had. This has made me a better person. What would I do without the emergency services ❤️

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U r a very brave person how old r u now wish u all the best

You are so brave ! I'm sure you will be fine . Another guy into the survivor club .

All the best and enjoy your life !

An amazing story and for it to happen to one so young. You have a wonderful attitude and wishing you a long and happy life.

You have been through so much and you are an inspiration to all of us.I am so glad that you received such effective treatment and hope that you enjoy a long and healthy life.

16 and a CA, you must have been completely knocked for six when you came out of the induced coma and found out you'd had a CA running for the train! Huge respect to your friend who did CPR until the First Responders arrived with the equipment to keep you alive to hospital.

Your friend is a hero - not many teens know CPR. Has your experience encouraged you to learn CPR?

Early intervention saves lives. You were so lucky to have someone there to begin CPR.

I'm glad you made it. Such a shock for you and your family.

I hope you are doing well now. I'm also curious to know how old you are if you wish to share.

I can understand that this experience is life changing for you. Thank you for sharing your story.

Well done. It makes us appreciate every little thing we have and way less selfish. When you feel like this you can walk tall and people admire your confidence by the way you walk, it’s the outwardness that others see and is a reflection of the grateful inner self. Again, well done!

Thanks for sharing your story Canterburyuni, you seem very matter of fact about the whole thing. When was this and how are you now? Your story of survival is very inspiring especially to a fellow suffer of HCM like me. Nowhere near as dramatic though. Keep well, and post again if you need anything!

You are an inspiration to many on the forum . God bless you and keep you positive.

Same thing happened to my husband on 23rd October he was driving at the time but could not remember anything everything is exactly as you have told us he also was so lucky to be alive.

Glad you made it! I'm 30 years older and had similar occurrence in April collapsed on a railway platform, someone there started CPR, station Defibrillator used or over 30mins. Taken to hospital, induced coma, woke up 6 days later. ICD implanted, but not had any additional shocks. Good luck to you

So glad you made it. You are an inspiration xx

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