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Angina Post pace maker

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Hi everyone.

Not having a great time.

Pace maker fitted for intermittent 2nd degree heart block in September. Didn’t seem to solve my breathlessness. So went to see cardiologist privately. Underwent stress test which I performed with no problems and no intervention from my pace maker. Cardiologist was happy my heart could operate well in higher heart rates , mine got up to 153 no symptoms. Had angiogram in May showed mild CAD.

Last week had the upper pace rate limiter on PM raised to 155. Since then had two episodes when with mild fairly sudden activity my heart has jumped up to 120 immediately. Causing me to feel unwell and a slight central chest pain. Ended up in A&E, they are now saying I’m suffering from angina. Get pain when I am at rest as well centrally and left side not crushing or intense.

It seems odd that I can perform a stress test well then two weeks later be immobilised with angina.

Any help, experiences or ideas please night time I’d becoming very frightening. Thank you all.


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I was admitted to hospital 4 weeks after my PM was fitted, I had extreme pain in my chest, test were carried out scans & bloods proved clear but I was treated for Angina, I had never experienced it before & have had only very mild symptoms of it since discharge. I have a follow up in about a month.

At the end of Nov I have my first review with my pacing technician & am rather hoping some tweaks might help get rid of these symptoms. Please let us know how things go & best wishes to you !

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JP1146 in reply to Stumpy47

Thank you for your kind reply.

Just got back from GP, having read my reports he’s not at all convinced I have Angina. Looking at the possibilities of stomach acid problems.

Feel more positive having had that conversation, PM clinic have said they can see me Monday but don’t see how it can be anything to go with PM. ( Needless to say their line is the PM is working perfectly)

Thanks again, will keep you updated. John.

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Stumpy47 in reply to JP1146

Severe Acid reflux was mentioned as a possible cause for me too I take Omeprazole for it. All these little niggles are a nuisance aren't they.

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JP1146 in reply to Stumpy47

Pain in the arse springs to mind.

Just want to feel normal and do normal things. No desire to run a marathon.

Do you think Omeprazole helped you. ?

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Stumpy47 in reply to JP1146

It Omeprazole (I'm only on 20mg in the morning) most certainly has. I've been on it for a couple of years, I was getting reflux as soon as I had a coffee (that was one of the worst triggers) so cut a lot of it out & has been very stable since going on it. Soo many heart conditions are connected to digestive system evidently. Best wishes

How often do you take omeprazol! I have no directions at all. Do you take it after each meal!

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JP1146 in reply to Surreychica_1

Hi there.

I have 20 mg taking it once a day first thing.

Only been on it a couple but have felt an instant difference

Hope it works for you

I was advised to take it first thing in the morning & before any other tablets ( to help prevent irritation from them).

That is interesting. I didnt know why the had given them to me but I understand they are to stop acid in the stomach. Thanks for yor reply. I will do that.

Didnt know that. I suppose you are what you eat!

I was put on omeprazole soon after I had had my coronary bypass operation. I was on one 20 mg capsule a day, taken in the morning. I found — and still find — that it prevents acid reflux. If I omit to take it, I soon feel the burning heartburn sensation in my oesophagus (upper gut).

Reading some of the other posts on this, I am surprised by the number of people who take tablets but don't know what they are for. Must say that after living in other countries, I find the British medical professionals short on discussion. Are they not trained to talk to patients?

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