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How to change time of beta blocker


How do you change the time of your beta blocker? I am taking bisoprolol 1.25 at 10pm. I would like to change to morning as HR is high during day and low in bed.I have started to take levothroxine 50mg for underactive Thyroid which is giving me palpitations so want to take bisoprolol earlier to alleviate them. I have diabetes and hypertension. Also take Perindopril 4mg in morning and BP is good.

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As your pulse is higher during the day. I would take the evening dose as usual and then take the next dose between 12-2pm the next day and then adjust earlier by 2 hours per day over the next few days.

I switched the other way. Think I feel more awake and less sluggish - but halved my dose as well.

45sue in reply to DavidG1971

I believe usual advice is it take bisoprolol in the morning because heart is more active during the day. But you have other medications to consider so really need to see your GP before tinkering with the dosage.

Hi Mollypet, I have had sluggish/sleepy/lethargic issues with Bisoproprol-spoke to my heart nurse and she recommended taking it at night. No further problems and I sleep like a baby. Good luck!

Hi Mollypet, I was exactly the same as brokenheart19, changed to night time and sleep so well now,and don't have the massive energy drop I used to have mid morning. I also changed taking ramipril from morning to night, which I think contributes to feeling more alert during the day. You need to consult your heart nurse or Gp first though.

This is something you really should ask your GP because of he interaction with your other meds. I swapped from morning to night just by missing one dose but I didn't have your problems

I take mine in the morning.

I'm n the process of moving my dose to the evening to try and avoid the slump I get after breakfast. My consultant said to take it when it suits me. I'm having 3 days of taking it after lunch to hopefully keep my levels up then I'm going to move it on to the evening getting gradually later until it's before bed.

Thanks , very helpful

Our GP told my husband that it's best to take Bisoprolol 1.25 in the morning. Good luck xxx

I take mine in the morning as advised by my cardiologist.

Hi, late to this conversation, but I was always told you had to take bisoprolol in the morning and it was good for you to take later in the day. Cardiologist, doctor and pharmacist all said to take by 9am (which I sometimes dont until a bit later..)


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