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Newly diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter


Hi iam new to this community and newly diagnosed with both atrial fibrillation and flutter iam on Rivaroxaban and Adizem xl, recently had an angiogram and trying to come to terms with a lifetime condition that appears to be changing my complete lifestyle overnight any suggestions on how to cope would be helpful.

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Everything is a great concern when you first get your diagnosis but it does get easier. You may also like to look at the Atrial Fibrillation Association forum on here. Some of us are on both. Gathering information about these two conditions will help. Have you been referred to an electrophysiologist? They specialise with electrical type issues in the heart as opposed to the "plumbing"

Lots of info on AFA site as well as BHF site. First thing is to breathe and get through these first weeks. You don't say if your conditions come and go (paroxysmal) or there all the time.

Ask away. Adopting lifestyle changes seems very hard to start with.

I am thinking rivaroxaban is the anticoagulant you have to take with a meal containing fat to be absorbed properly.

dunebay in reply to Bagrat

Thank you for your reply ,yes I have been referred to an electrophysiologist but as yet have no appointment date .The condition is paroxysmal which in itself is disruptive to life as I never know when it will strike again. My busy life has been curtailed greatly and that in itself is maybe adding to the present disruptive state of things.I will certainly now look on the website you recommend .

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