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Foods You Miss

MichaelJHHeart Star

OK Sunday evening and time to lighten up - tomorrow is another week!

Eating healthily which three foods do you miss most be day junk food or otherwise. My starter:

i) Cod 'n' chips

ii) Cornish pasty with meat at one end and apple at the other

iii) Full English breakfast

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MilkfairyHeart Star

Black Pudding

Fish and chips

Cream tea with clotted cream

Mature cheese sandwich

Pepperoni pizza

Kettle crisps



1. Full Breakfast Cumberland sausage cut as required, 3 rashers of smoked back bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, 2 pieces of toast with load of butter, glass of orange juice and a mug of coffee with full fat milk and 2 spoons of sugar.

2. sitting watching tv with a 300g box of Maltesers

3. cheese

Haven't had these since HA. The local butcher/deli has amazing local produce, sausage, bacon, cooked meats and beautiful cheese, don't think I could just go in and get healthy stuff, so to prevent temptation I've banned myself from there!😢

MilkfairyHeart Star
in reply to SpiritoftheFloyd

What ? Surely no Full English Breakfast is complete without Black pudding 🙂

So sorry - don't like black pudding!

MilkfairyHeart Star
in reply to SpiritoftheFloyd

That explains the omission then😉

MichaelJHHeart Star
in reply to SpiritoftheFloyd

Sorry, but it is good for your iron levels! 😎

Sorry, still not eating it at this point in time.

I'm making steady progress on the diet front, have willingly given up the majority of the goodies, and while I've always hated fish and never eaten it after leaving home many years ago, I'm now making an extra special effort to eat fish once a week (given time may make that twice a week at some point).

You don't what you're missing with black pudding + white pudding, red pudding & haggis.

in reply to shopman

I'm sorry, I can't 'like' that - I'm Scottish from a long line of Highlanders, live in Scotland, and seriously think I'd prefer starvation (or beans on toast) than haggis - it really is offal (pun intended!).

None because I refuse to give any of them up completely.

Which means that, say, the pepperoni pizza and chips I had last night (sorry Smidget!), has become a real treat again and enjoyed all the more for it :)

That’s how we work it too - I don’t buy some things any more but will eat them if we are out.

We often have a ‘full breakfast’ but in instalments! Bacon and egg with tomato and mushrooms one day, sausage and beans the next - everything is oven grilled or dry fried. Scottish black pudding too - no lumps of fat and plenty of iron!

We share a jumbo fish supper - you don’t have to eat all of the batter!

After 18 months of my hubby not wanting to eat anything except his porridge for breakfast I am grateful he wants to eat and apart from removing as much added sugar as possible we eat what we fancy!

I hope that is a home made pizza and not one of those awful processed ones, you know the one's full of salt and calories?

Our homemade pizzas are the one exception to the healthy diet plan. My husband is coeliac so I use gluten-free flours and sausage but the cheeses and sausage toppings are so loaded with salt I can only have the thinnest slice whilst watching him enjoying the rest of the thing,

For me it's bacon, marmite and chips.Whenever I was feeling under the weather as a youngster my dear Mum would tempt me to eat by grilling a couple of slices of bacon with some tomato with brown sauce and a piece of bread.She's been gone for nearly eleven years but whenever I ate bacon (not that often) I thought of her.Toast fingers with marmite were given to me in my high chair by Mum and again toast with a bit of marmite always made me think of her.As for chips...well they're chips...what's not to like!!😀But now I have to be low salt, low fat, low everything.Mind you have lost getting on for four stone in just over five months so not all bad.

Have you seen the reduced salt Marmite? It has a blue lid and label on the same shape jar. Its 25%less salt than normal Marmite. It’s 6.1g of salt per 100g which equates to 0.49g salt per 8g portion on 2 slices of bread according to the label!

I think you can taste the difference but it’s ok.

Ah perhaps I should give that a go, thanks.

How did you lose the weight I was diagnosed with heart failure in June and really struggling to lose weight even though I am trying very hard.

Well I have a mostly plant based diet with some fish and dairy.I rarely eat any bread and only one slice if I do.I eat some brown pasta and rice but not every day but no cakes, sweets etc. at all.I still eat well but the weight has fallen off.Would like to lose about 12 pounds more to hit my goal but I'm just sticking with the diet and seeing where it takes me.


I have an occasional ‘healthy’ cooked breakfast, grilled or dry/fry lite fried.


1. KFC - no surprise there!

2. Chocolate in any meaningful amount

3. Cake. Any cake. Did I mention cake?

MichaelJHHeart Star
in reply to Sillyfroggy

KFC chocolate cake:

in reply to Sillyfroggy

Cake. Yum. I have started baking cakes from the BHF website and they are delicious 😋. I had not baked since I was a child but have started cooking lots from the website receipes.


Barbecued food

1. Full English and most of it's constituents, including sausages and eggs. (quite like my replacement though - probiotic yoghurt with sesame and chia seeds soaked for an hour; quarter of fresh pineapple, rice and corn flakes topped with cut up apples (granny smiths), and bananas, dried fruit and almonds) and with coconut milk (30% diluted) not cow's milk

2. Cheese

3. Barbequed food

Have bronchiectasis, which made me change to a low inflammatory diet and more recently a triple heart bypass which has deleted all but an occasional meal of (lean only) red meat and inserted loads of fish and chicken. If I could add a fourth 'miss-a-lot' it would be seafood!

Beer 😀

Re cake, there are cakes you can make which are heart healthy.

in reply to COYW

Eagerly awaiting a link/recipe..... 😊

Oooh, Bounty Bars, I weep as I type. Dee

1) Cornish pasty

2) Cornish pasty

3) Cornish pasty

MichaelJHHeart Star
in reply to cowparsley

Different flavours maybe? Steak and ale, or streak and stilton are tasty!

No way! Skirt,onion,swede potato,lots of pepper.Might even have a small one today!

MichaelJHHeart Star
in reply to cowparsley

BTW don't forget they are really copies of the Bedfordshire Clanger!

Do you think that`s where the expression"to drop a clanger" comes from?

See, that's one I'd already given up through geographical necessity.

North Wales may have a lot to recommend it, but their idea of a pastie is NOT one of them!

Was thinking of visiting Wales in the Spring.Will bring my own supply.

1. Cheese.

2. Cheese.

3. Cheese.

in reply to Scout2017

You forgot:

Smoked Cheese

Blue Cheese

Fish and chips .Apple pies and any fruit pie .Meat and potato pies

Sausage n mash ,chocolate,pie mash n gravy 😆I love these three n miss having them so much although I ve had some chocolate to be honest

I gave up all diary, meats and fish when I went vegan adopting the Ornish/Esselstyn lifestyle in the hope of reversing my atherosclerosis. I reintroduced fish very quickly for omega 3 and protein.

I regularly had two thick slices of bread with my lunchtime salads - I gave up butter many, many years ago and in those days had margarine. I changed to Flora ProActiv or Benecol (mistakingly thinking they would help reduce my cholesterol) changed to Lurpak type rapeseed/butter spread.

Having been to a number of food conferences over the last couple of years I have now reintroduced full fat yogurt and occasionally, perhaps once per week eggs and cheese.

My latest change is to give up the bread and the spreads too.

I have also reintroduced red meat occasionally and do enjoy the occasional steak and chips - but otherwise avoid all chips.

MichaelJHHeart Star
in reply to bobaxford

Chips raise your blood sugar slower than any other form of potato. Mash spikes nearly as badly as sugar!

in reply to MichaelJH

They are certainly not healthy though!

in reply to MichaelJH

The carbs in chips spike blood sugar levels, the larger the portion the more your blood sugar is spiked. And the oil that is used in restaurants and cafes is most often sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and other cheap industrial oils that are high in Omega 6 and terrible for inflammation and cardiovascular health. So in one portion of chips you get a double whammy of unfavourables.

I occasionally visit a restaurant where, in their list of side dishes, they offer plain baked Sweet Potato with butter on the side. 😋 That's far healthier than chips cooked in rancid industrial inflammatory veg oils.

in reply to Londinium

I thought rapeseed oil was healthier than all oils including Olive oil?

in reply to Speakeazi

It isn't - according to clinicians, scientists and medical/science investigators that I follow.

in reply to Londinium

Well each to his own scientists !

I thought that as well, sunflower oil also. That said, I use olive oil, even for frying - doesn't smoke if the heat doesn't go too high.

Cadbury’s fruit and nut chocolate

A Desperate Dan portion size of mashed potato and beef gravy

Chippy chips


At 3. All of the above (or remove the guilt when I cheat!)

At 2. Malt whisky😁

At number 1.

A slice of homemade Bara Brith, with loads of butter, served at the station cafe in Abergynolwyn on the Talyllyn Railway. It’s the best, and has my first visit for 15 years planned for this summer, and couldn’t travel😥. (And actually couldn’t eat it anyway, as diagnosed Coeliac since my last visit 😥😥).

I feel for you, I've been gluten intolerant for 4 years now, shopping takes twice as long these days. Turning everything I buy over to check for gluten and then check the fat content.

Indeed. The annoying things is that there is so much sugar in the GF stuff, especially bread (although at least it tastes like bread these days).

MilkfairyHeart Star
in reply to HectorsDad

Oh I do love Bara Brith or is it the butter?

It is genuinely worth getting to Wales and travelling up the railway... or may be I have distinctly rose tinted spectacles.

It is symbolic for me, and one of my biggest ‘getting better’ landmarks.

(My wife referred to it as my Bucket List, which I did not appreciaite😂- but I don’t think she knew the origin of the phrase).

So, may be next year.... I might organise a party🍾

Spam Fritters, Fried Hash Browns. and everything else people have posted. I do eat a Peppered Steak Slice once a week but I do cut the top off and bin it.

Well, a couple of your first posts contain one of your five a day (chips and apple!!).

Hubby misses chocolate and sausages!

I'm a great believer in 'a little of what you fancy does you good' as my old mum used to say. As we have an allotment, we're just eating veg, soup made from veg and anything else you can make from veg!!! xxx

I am so focussed on getting better I can honestly say I miss nothing, just the way my brain works. But in a years time who knows, I may see a Shickers bar and want one.

Am I the only one with a sweet tooth?

Danish pastries

Fruit cake

Lemon drizzle cake (actually pretty much any cake except those involving cream or strawberries)

Mille Feuille


Chocolate cake


Bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese


Just not having to think about food!!

Dear Michael, A number of us are getting very concerned about drug shortages after a possible no deal Brexit and want to know what is happening. I discovered this:

"Based on the DH’s guidance, National Pharmacy Association (NPA) director of pharmacy Leyla Hannbeck suggested other medicines that may not be covered by a “serious shortage protocol” could include “those with a narrow therapeutic index”, such as warfarin and methotrexate".

I am on warfarin. Any ideas?



MichaelJHHeart Star
in reply to OttoK

Hello Otto... I have replied about this in a separate thread raised about this issue this morning. Hope it is of help. Regards, MichaelJH

in reply to MichaelJH

Can you point me to the thread, please. Can't find it. Sorry. Thanks.


Cheese, cheese and onion pie, cheese flan, just a piece of cheese please LOuise

Hard cheese

Salted pretzels (yes, well, anything salted, really)

Sausage suppers

And everything on the above lists except haggis and blood pudding.

HiddenThis reply has been deleted
in reply to Hidden

Oh eew, Marmite, yuck! It's so true, people really do love or hate the stuff and I am definitely one of the haters.

MilkfairyHeart Star
in reply to Sunnie2day

Me too I hate marmite

Every sort of cheese (was a cheese addict).

French salted butter.

Puff pastry.

+ loads more.

Oooh I almost forgot. Baked suet with lashings of gravy. ( IT's a Yorkshire thing designed to fill you up before you got to the meat course.) For those who've never heard of it, it's dumpling mix but baked instead of boiled.

in reply to Qualipop

I haven't had that in years but it was my No1 comfort food. Thank-you (I think) for the reminder. Oh wait, I might be able to make a low-sodium version of it if I put my mind to it...

in reply to Sunnie2day

With vegetable suet?

in reply to Qualipop

Probably, although even with my low-sodium beef gravy it won't be just like Gran's. But I've adjusted taste expectations since having to restrict salt so the veg suet might just work.

Nero’s Red Velvet Cake, McDonald’s McFlurry, Maltesers. I don’t eat fish and chips and don’t eat full English breakfast but I do love my husband’s bacon sandwiches. English thinly sliced lean back bacon fried in olive oil. He part fries the top slice of bread of the sandwich. I can’t remember when I had one of those. We tend to cook bacon in the oven without any fat when I’ve got the grandkids staying. I don’t eat bacon now.

Oh my goodness.. after reading all of your posts I'm now feeling guilty as I've lapsed.. I never used to eat cake before my bypass surgery, but lately I've been enjoying chocolate cake.. will have to correct that as from now.. and they're are a couple of posts regards using olive oil, I thought the British Heart Foundation promoted using it on this forum?

It's refreshing reading all your posts, and putting me back on track, hahaha.

Pork Belly, Scratchings and crisps. Never did me any harm ;)

What a cruel question!!!

cheese, mayonnaise and stodgy pastry.

Grapefruit juice, it was all I drank. (but I take atrovastatin now)

Cheese, red Leicester and blue Stilton specifically.

Otherwise been able to find low fat alternatives to everything else, nothing over 10% fat goes in the trolley.

Your mention of fish n chips MichaelJH made me think. Many of the well known ‘celebrity’ heart docs recommend plant based diets. Dr Greger is my favourite. So I stick to that 80%. I weigh 70k and I’m 6’ 1” so I’m not too heavy. What I do for the other 20% is feel bad about it 😀 I wish I didn’t! Anyway, what do others think about having the food you miss occasionally? Once a month? Harry Ramsden’s F and C for example is about 40% of RI saturated fat and 15% carb. So does that mean I can have it or is that still too much SF for a stented LAD?! Statins only act on the liver so what you eat is still SF through those arteries? Someone tell me I can eat it without dying! 😀😂😀

To be honest Michael, I don't really eat any differently from before my bypass. I was on low fat, low sugar diet anyway. No alcohol, no fizzy drinks and lean meat. My problems were in inherited from my dad who passed away from a heart attack in his early 40's x

MichaelJHHeart Star

I had a pint at lunchtime and was sorely tempted when a saw someone getting a Ploughman's lunch! 🍺 + 🥖 + 🧀 + 🍏

I trust the day got better?!

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