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Fed up and still going!


Hi All, loo roll now in freezer as is sudocrem! Just so absolutely fed up with what's happening. I feel weak and concerned, but what can I do until I hear if the sample grows any bugs?. The thing is , everything I eat it goes straight through within minutes! I've tried without eating for 24hrs, omitted several foods, eating only bland food to no avail. Strange thing is I haven't lost a pound! But am getting dark rings under my eyes. Mentioned to Dr that my heart was missing the odd beat and I could feel when is was going to happen but she listened but said it was OK. However it's not a nice feeling and un- nerving. If I don't hear anything soon and still the same, I feel like turning up at A/E ! P s just made my will! Just wish I was my old self, haven't felt well since my heart attacks and stent, all I want is to feel me!

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Poor Redsea, I’ve every sympathy for you.

After 18 months of the same condition, I have learned where every public loo is in every town I visit. Having a husband with ulcerative colitis is a big bonus, as in many cases he has done the research before me. In our first heady days of romance forty odd years ago I could never have imagined that the sweet nothings we would whisper in later years would be concerning public conveniences.

Hope you get your results soon and that yours is treatable.

oh poor you. i can fully feel your pain. i was like that a few years ago when i was on metformin for diabetes. it was so bad i had colonoscopy and was treated for chrones. after a year on various meds and disgusting drinks they decided it wasn’t chrones and was metformin. it stopped overnight when i stopped taking it. what i’m getting at is could it be some of the meds your on. they argued with me for 3 years that it wasn’t metformin. trust your own instincts if you think it is med related. hope you get to bottom it it soon❤️shiona

Have you tried live yoghurt? When my kids were off it with tummy trouble (usually some school bug) I found they could tolerate it. I find a teaspoon of arrowroot mixed with a little water helps. I realise these are old fashioned remedies but they work for me. I make my own unsweetened Greek yoghurt and we eat it with a homemade Bircher muesli for breakfast. My husband has Barrett’s Oesophagus so it helps him enormously. Hope you feel better soon.

Redsea in reply to Maisie2014

Hi Maisie, thanks for your reply. I have just about exhausted my options regarding anything that will help, to no avail. I did think at one point it was " live" yoghurt! But no. Nothing helps at all. Hope something gives up soon, hopefully not me!!!!!!!!!

Hi, hope things are improving for you now.

I had ( still occasionally do) your symptoms concerning you gut. IBS was my diagnosis and was given Mebeverine to take 3 times daily. Hallelujah, it mostly works. I think you need to go back to your gp.

Also I changed to gastro resistant aspirin. Normal aspirin is a wonder pill but not to your guts. Taking omezrapole etc work only on your stomach ( I think).

Good luck.

Upwards and onwards 🙃

Redsea in reply to Crotchetwoman

Thanks for the advice. Still waiting for results of specimen. I take dispersible aspirin daily and also omeprazole for my gut too. The problem is improving but very slowly,but at least I can cope with it now,as I couldn't go out because the distance in my local town really doesn't cater for 65 yrs olds with dodgy guts! Thanks for your advice and concern. Xx

Did the Doc mention temporarily cutting out Omrepazole? Hope things are continuing to improve.

Hi Northants Steve, I stopped the omeprazole myself for four days this week but i am still going! Nothing appears to be working, but slowing down on occasions but cannot venture far still, tends to happen within 15/20 minutes of eating, but not much weight loss. No news from GP about sample. Now full of a cold! I haven't been well since my heart attacks! The tiredness seems to be improving since the Bisoprolol has been stopped, iam now on Nebivolol which appears to be working..Hope you are OK, thanks for your concern. Xx

I’m good - thanks. You’ll get there in the end. Shame it wasn’t the PPI. Take care.

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