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Going down day by day

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As you all friends and people told me to start walk like minimum. I start . its my second day. But after walk now it 3 hour passed. I just walk 20 mint ,1.3 kilometer. I m feeling heavyness in center of my chest. Stay on bed. When i was walk i have sweat on left arm and pain in left arms through my left hand fingures. You think its anxiety or i have heart heart problem. What i do. All symptoms becomes do real.

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Hello Qasim Raza you are doing the right thing. Now walk again tomorrow and take your mum with you. Getting out will do you both good.

Thanks Calliope. INSHA ALLAH I continue this. Now i m sitting with my sister who is married i come to here home and telling her today progress. I m telling her that after water now it passed 5 hours i m still in bad condition. Pain in my jaw veins snd pain in left arm's vein till my thumb and figure. When this happend i afraid. And still i did not took dinner. I m afraid if i eat any thing it make presure on my heart. And tease my arteries.

If you feel ill now you must phone the dr and talk it over with them. Well done for going out for the walk, but if in any doubt always contact the nhs.

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Calliope153 in reply to Heartdad

Qasim Raza is in Pakistan

Hunderd of times told symptoms to dr but they said anxiety anxiety anxiety...strange... Why not they take me serious

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Lezzers in reply to Want_to_live

Probably because you don't have a heart condition, you have anxiety. Why are you no longer in the anxiety group?

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Want_to_live in reply to Lezzers

Lezzers i think group admin blocked me from anxiety group. Please you all request them to give me permission to join that group. I did break the rules. I just told all my friends and people that now i have no money to visit dr buy medicine. I appeal for 10 pound to each friend. But in next post i said please dont collect money for me. It send bad immpression on my friends may be they think i m here for asking or begging money. So i denied. If due to this admin block me. Ask them to unblock me. You are all my helping friend. An i say sorry to all of you if you mind for my money help demand. You know i live in third words country and goverment has not proper arrangment to help needy people. Our government is begging from other countries.

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Anxiety will deceive your mind in to believing something is physically wrong with you. You need to believe your doctors and many tests that show nothing wrong. Be thankful and quit allowing your mind to be deceived. You need to pretend you are fine and eventually you will be.

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The doctors probably ask why dont you take them seriously

You have spent years smoking & not taking any exercise, you need to give yourself time for your body to adjust. Keep up the exercise, gradually increase your walking & only eat heathy food. If you're not gonna do these there is nothing anyone in this group can help you with. Sorry if thats harsh but you need to help yourself nobody can do it for you.

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Want_to_live in reply to Lezzers

Hundered percent agree with you. I m never harsh on you . i well come you always because if you r harsh on me it is for my betterness. Like teacher or parents some times harsh on their kids or students for their better future.

So you never think i will mind on angry with you. I want to ask some think from you. First question is this that i m 38 and half year old . is it possible that i regain my health and come back to my normal life?

Second question is this that you say me about health died or food. I know its mean low oil no chestrol no fats. Eat fruits.

But you may know here in my country every food is fake. No energy. Even milk for kids is not pure. The vegitables and fruits are grown by fertilizer that are poision for our health.

If you dont mind can you give me menu or time table that as a heart condition patient what food in which quanitity o have to take daily. And which food or fruit i take in dinner breakfast and lunch.

I know i have to do myself but you know people advise is encouragement for me. And i need it deprately.

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Lezzers in reply to Want_to_live

You are not a heart patient, you do not have a heart condition. You can Google healthy eating menus & if you start making meal plans that at least will take your mind off your anxiety. Your constant posting of the same issues over several sites is counter productive. If you have asked for money or personal contact, then I'm afraid you have broken the forum rules & regardless of whether you apologise or not you will be banned from posting. If you wish to continue posting then I would suggest you contact admin & ask them. However, if you just keep changing your user name to get back on the forum they will just continue to remove you. Also, why do you have 2 current user names qasim_raza572 & want_to_live? This is again breaking the rules!!


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MichaelJHHeart Star

Hi Qasim! You remind me of the song "Time" on Pink Floyd's album "Dark Side of the Moon":


Two lines in it are:

i) fritter away the hours that make up a dull day

ii) another day older and closer to death

The second is inevitable but people can extend the period to that date by luvi g a healthy lifestyle and following your doctors' advice. The first because you spend time worrying and posting on the web. Posting is acceptable when you have a genuine query not repeating the same stuff. Work on getting fitter and let us know when you can walk fitter and further

Life is precious - don't fritter it away!

Hi micheal thanks for your song. I m trying. I tru to walk daily. Today i walk about 10 mint. May be i take another slow round of walk with my mom. But my speed is so slow. Some problem r in my country that here no pure food available. But you r my colgues. With your advise and encouragement INSHA ALLAH I WILL improve.

and I always thought that line was "another day older and deeper in debt" !

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Calliope153

I think that was "Sixteen Tons" by Tennessee Ernie Ford. Saw Floyd perform it live back in the seventies!

Now going misty eyed for the seventies - when concerts were sort of affordable and groups played local halls.........

Hahaha lolzzz calliope and mitcheal what are you talking about . as you know English in not my native or first language so difficult some time to understand me.

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Want_to_live

Seventies is period from 1970 - 1979!

That blame on me. I m not here for collect fund. Your nick present your personality. Hypercat. So please dont distrub a patient. For example If any one help me that dont burdon on your pocket. And i apology for that post. So please dont chase me. I m heart and anxiety patient . if you dont advice me then dont try to depress me.

Exactly what I thought when I read Qasim's responses in this thread.

Sorry for that. Actually i post on different sites for advices. Ans same words i post because i cannot type again and again my long story. Sorry i dont type my ph number again. Have a nice day ahead.

Thanks for apreciation. Actually Urdu is our national language. But English is taught as a subject.

Thanks . but i think my english is not too much well. When i read your nick or names. U cannot understand its male or female name. Here highter education is in english. But basic school system is urdu medium. So student feel very much difficulty in colleges when they have to read all subjects in english. So many of use lose their talent and cannot do progress due to english. Now i walk 400 meter in 10 mint with my mom. My arms got pain and upper chest stiffness. Come back and watching tv. India vs Pakistan cricket match.

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Omg attention seeker

Well done India.

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Prada47

Well done Alonso for winning Le Mans second year running even if luck came into it. Now only needs Indy 500 for Triple Crown to match Graham Hill! 😎

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