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Surgery 2 weeks away been long wait

Surgery bye pass just about here the wait has been lengthy now were geting here I'm afraid worried have been all along but now it's here I'm getting more anxuios yet again what can you do Barr get advise from members on the site don't like bleating but this is hard going and yes I have had a bit off advise but still struggling



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Hello Len

It's not exactly a Lie Back and Enjoy Moment , but it doesn't hurt when they are doing the Op I can assure you on that account. In fact I can't remember what it was like until HDU and then it was all over bar the Shouting.

Seriously it is nothing to get worked up over as there really is no alternative to having it done. Try to focus on the After rather than the Before and, to how many Positive Years you have to look forward to afterwards.

Best Regards and I am Sure we are all looking forward to Welcoming you to the Zipper Club.

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You are right the old fear factor and how are you post op

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Give the team doing the bypass a call. The team I have was under invited patients (your choice) to presentations about the process, medication, rehab and diet. They also dealt with any questions and worries. Remember although it is a big thing for the patient it is entirely routine for the cardiac team. You will have skills they do not - I doubt mine would have understood a Dreyer table!

Hey Len. First of all you're not "bleating". It is only expected to be terrified. I spent many nights in the run-up sitting in the dark trying to process stuff because, basically, I was s*** scared. On the day we all went for a "farewell" (probably the wrong word) lunch before I was admitted. Half way through I got increasingly panicked - I could barely breathe and felt like I was down a long tunnel. The walk then to the hospital was a fog of terror - the condemned man! But once I was in, in the "system", the process and around all these people just being professional, efficient and matter of fact - and I had to be busy too with x-ray, shaving, all the stuff - it was fine. I know it's easy to say in hindsight but you're on a track heading to a destination and you can't do anything about it so you may as well try to, if not enjoy it (as let's face it it's not enjoyable) then accept and roll with the ride. But easy I know for me to say now! Is there anyone you can talk to, even your GP? You're probably at the worst pre- stage where it is all becoming terribly and terrifyingly real so don't beat yourself up about being in a bit of an emotional mess. It will get better! And glad you're able to talk about it. None of this I know actually helps but keep talking - to us or whoever. Good luck. You're doing great, believe me. And stay strong. Nic x

Nic you sumed it up quite nicely there waiting for this isn't good for the head just let's say your not thinking about get a right good drink and soul off the party type guy at the moment but once out the other end and recovered I have two mouths for a bite r and r how you after it all mate5



Thanks good to hear from you

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Great Len. I'm good thanks. You're right, try and focus on the good stuff on the other side; how much better you'll be and how much more you'll be able to do. Yes it'll take a period to recover and get your strength back but I, for probably the first time in my life, feel I have the opportunity to get "normal" - fit (or at least fitter) than I've ever been. And that's a great thing, and hopefully you'll have it too, not straightaway, but a few months down the line. Nic x

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Nic if anything I was never over weight or anything but I have cycle d and walked till the legs are like a cabber tosser thighs to be fit so doing everything I can to help with the process just wish the head could get as active lol 😂 thank you so much for your help


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Nic sorry trouble you as I said going in next Thursday do you feel big difrence in your health does the walking take time to get going distance wise and your general health fitness start improving with the blockages bye passed

Regards Len123

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No worries Len. I had a valve replacement so if you're having a bypass your experience may not be exactly the same. But for me essentially yes loads better! And straight away. Sort of "oh so this is what it feels like for everyone else". I started walking once home after about a week to 10 days if I recall it right (I got home a week before Christmas and started walking between Christmas and new year). Initially just around the block with my wife accompanying me just in case. But gradually - in fact quite quickly - increased things until I was doing probably a couple of miles - 40 mins approx each day - probably after about a month/six weeks? The main recovery I found was the chest bone and the lungs rather than the heart function. But it's also important not to overdo things. I also tired very easily for the first 6-8 weeks and some days didn't get out the house at all. So it's about being patient, building things slowly and listening to your body. Hope that helps and best of luck for Thursday. Do you mean this week or next? Fingers crossed either way! Nic x

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Next Thursday getting anxious concentrating on the the

Ecovery and will I look after my self after this thanks for your reply good info hopefully get back in saddle with the right recovery info

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Nic in ward waiting for the the op morning very anxious take anything they can give me what you think

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I think good luck mate is what I think!" The waiting is almost over! You'll be sore; it'll be unpleasant initially but soon you'll be on the mend. Would you get up out of bed now, get dressed, and head out into the night only to have to go through this all again sometime? Course not! It needs to be done - you're in great hands, so now's the time to get it sorted! But do tell them how anxious you are as they can only help you if they know.

One other thing - once you're down there you won't know a thing of course! For me it all happened very quickly - barely had time to text the missus that I was on my way! But sure it will all be fine.

Good luck again and will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Nic x

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Your right nic I'm lying here brckin it but the end result is what I want got get done there the experts

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Good man. Good luck again! You'll be on your feet in no time (literally, as they don't hang around and will want the bed back) 😀

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I managed to get hold of a sandwich but had to have it with water just before they took the water at midnight. Will think of you tomorrow. You will do just great!

Good luck, my husband had one about 18 months ago and did great. Just walk, walk and walk more and faster afterwards.

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I intend to take my time get fit ASAP thank you for your help

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Organise something nice to look forward to as well xx

Good luck , had my emergency quad bypass 12 years ago so no waiting . You won’t remember anything if the morning or pre op . No pain at all involved . Recovery after goes quickly .

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Thanks every post helps thanks for the support

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You seem to have come through very well I go in shortly and just want started on the road recovery any tip appreciated

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You seem to be well on the mend syrandloper did you feel the benifts off the operation very quickly and how did you pace your recovery tips please


I remember being told at the time it was not a good idea to have visitors for 24 hours after the op. Reason being you are hooked up to machines and have tubes,drains & wires sticking out all over. Naturally the missus wasn't suited at this and was waiting to see me ASAP. On reflection she wished she had listened as it was a shock seeing me lying there.

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You came through they tell me the lines are out pretty sharply once you can get up about that the case shppman

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You may be kept sedated for a short while before being gradually woken up. Once back on the Ward then yes you can slowly start to get back to normal.

Totally understandable , waiting makes it worse . Keep yourself busy think positive. Mike

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