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Echocardiogram shows left ventricular systolic dysfunction, 19 year old female



I have suffered with anxiety over my heart for many years now and in August 2017 when I was 19 I had heart tests done to put my mind at ease as I was getting skipped beats (still do when I'm anxious about them, stressed or due on my period but not as bad). My doctor told me that a cardiologist has looked at all my ECGs and echo etc and that everything looks fine (my skipped beats have never been captured on any tests as far as I am aware) as nothing as been mentioned. So fast forward to today and I went to get my medical history for a thyroid specialist (only bloods) and as I was looking through the blood test results, there has somehow gotten a line there that says 'echocardiogram shows left ventricular systolic dysfunction' under which was written 'good'. This has me absolutely terrified and panicked as all google says is very bad and dangerous and essentially heart failure. Yet, when I went for my results initially, I was told that echo was all good, nothing flagged up by the cardiologist or anything. I tried contacting my gp but have to wait 3 weeks for an appointment and I am not able to function in fear that I might have a serious heart issue and can drop dead any minute. My anxiety is through the roof. Can anyone offer any insight as to what this could mean and why it says 'good'? I've had maybe a couple of skipped beats this past month or so but that was when I lied down after a heavy meal and went when I changed position. Surely I cannot be in active heart failure for 2 years at the age on 21 and no one has mentioned it? Does this mean that I will develop heart failure soon? t

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What was ejection fraction? I think you can have some disfunction in the normal range. I think the ejection fraction might be a better indicator but I don't know much at all.

I'm not sure, I haven't got these results as I only asked for bloods and I think they have left them in by accident (none of my ECGS etc are there).

I think for peace of mind ask them to print out copy of echocardiogram and that has ejection fraction on there. I think your echo was 'good' .

After my stents were fitted I was still getting skipped beats. They only showed on one ECG and that was at GP. I queried when I went back to cardiologist for check up and it was explained that it wasn't a problem and many people have this but don't notice it. I now ignore it.


With the greatest respects, why are you looking on google for answers to your heart problem? This is a typical example of why patient notes are to be viewed by a doctor and generally not the patient for "A little information is a dangerous thing" and brings only stress and no insight.

Please make an appointment with your own doctor and discuss your fears. However I assure you that all of your tests, if there was anything worrying, would have triggered a quick response from the cardiologist. The "Good" remark you refer to does not automatically mean someone has found something bad - and my suggestion would be far from that......Go see your doctor - PLEASE!

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I totally agree with you especially about Googling. Have to admit, I used to do it but it made me ten times as bad!!!

Respected Atheondora123,

I am suffering from left ventricular systolic dysfunction and out of experience I know a little about this.

1) Please see your echocardiogram report and find out what is EF( Ejection fraction) or LVEF ( Left ventricular ejection fraction)

If it's 55 and above you are absolutely OK.

If it is less than 55 please tell how much it is.

Heart failure is broadly classified into four stages basing upon your EF and associated symptoms. If you suffer from shortness of breadth while exerting or lying flat on the bed or when you bend yourself down it means fluid rentention which is arising out of HF and swollen ankles / feet with bloated abdomen & obesity are its classical signs. Loss of appetite and depression may occur due to poor pumping of heart. Your heart rate at rest will continously remain more than 100.

Waking up from sleep and gasping for breadth is also a classical symptom.

If none of the above is found you aren't suffering from left ventricular systolic dysfunction or heart failure.

Be positive & ignore Dr. Google as it's always scary since most of the posts speak only about the extremely serious cases.

Hi, please try not to worry. I think you might have Internet-Related Anxiety as discussed above.

I have Heart Failure aka Diastolic Dysfunction and it is quite mild and with medication I am able to go about my day to day business, work and play.

It was diagnosed after I had complained of many of the symptoms that Vivi 2711 suggested, above.

I was prescribed Ace Inhibitors to control Blood Pressure and the symptoms cleared up.

A good chat with your GP should put your mind at rest.

Take care and good luck.

Hi I have this condition mild /moderate on 25 mg Bisropolol and 50mg losartan I read it that from what you've said that they have noted it as good so I think reading between the lines when they've done the test saying good no problem when done the tests that you have no problems. I do know that stress anxiety palpitations can cause this condition ,mine was caused by a virus if I was you I'd call the cardiologist secretary and ask them for any information hope this helps and try to chill as if you do have the condition medication fixes the problem and long term use off the medication works better for the condition, takes care don't worry. Hope this helps, Phil

Can't you get the results over the phone or a call back from the doctor as opposed to waiting three weeks?

This will settle your mind.

You can't get yourself worked up if it's not even the actual report. You said it was a line entry? Not the actual echo or any ekg.

You really don't have enough information here.

Definitely call and find out what's going on so you can settle your mind.

Sorry to jump on the post but what's well preserved systolic function bf of 48% mean? Thanks

Hi, I always thought Systolic has more to do with your blood pressure, I don't think there anything to worry about as it is also saying it is good. Getting back to your missed heart beats. I had a similar problem, for four years I was seeing a Cardiologist who would do an ECG, nothing ever showed up and yet I kept saying I have a problem, after 4 years, my cardiologist said the only thing he could do now is refer me to a Cardiac Thoracic at another Hospital as he could not find anything wrong, off I went to Cardiac Thoracic when I got the appointment through, (these are people who are more experienced with heart problems than your normal Cardiologist) I saw a Professor who sent me to have an ECG, the results were everything was fine, nothing had shown up, he asked me several questions about the symptoms I was getting, he told me the only thing to do was put my heart under stress in theatre conditions, a date was set for my admission, I went down to theatre and was surprised to be taken into a room with machines all around the room with about 8 doctors and Nurses, I was given an epidural as I had to be awake for this procedure, a tube was inserted into my groin which would travel to my heart, a doctor sat with me all the time and explained what they were doing, there were very odd sensations with what they were doing, however, the Professor came over to me and told me I had a very interesting heart, they had found five electrical faults which were causing the problem, he told me they could repair 4 of them, but the 5th one was to dangerous to repair, so said to him, I wasn't imagining what I was feeling, he said no you were not. I stayed in Hospital for 2 days, that was in 2009 and I have never had a problem since. The procedure I had to repair the electrical faults was a HEART ABLATION, hope this helps ! You know your own body best !

Hi I have only recently been diagnosed as well through a letter sent to my gp with me copied in,left ventricular dysfunction had a cardiologist app lined up and cancelled twice now but hopefully got the latest one moved forward.all very scarey,my gp said it's usually overweight smoking 80yr old who have a heart attack get this,and like you I looked on the internet and am in shock,I have been off work for a week as keep breaking down,put on ramipril straight away which was too high dose as I have low blood pressure anyway which if cardiologist actually saw me he would have now I have to wait and try and be calm. Totally sympathetic towards you and trying to find any help groups with this condition I have not found either, if you want to chat be great to have and share stuff

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