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Getting no where

Hi all, I’ve haven’t been on here for a while, long story /short

After having tests was told blood circulating through stents ok, but have 59/70% blocked, was blood sluggish through small veins. Had myocardial perfusion scan, was told that was ok. Had lightheaded nausea for 3 mths, loss of concentration not feeling well, found small lesion on back of brain, had mri told it was a small bleed nothing to worry about.

Having been telling gp’s about my legs slightly swelling little bit of fluid, and a rash getting further up my legs!

Went to see gp last week because not feeling well again chest pains and plaps been off and on, constant headaches legs aching and heavy

Was told it was Vasculitis in my legs just had blood tests waiting for results.

( light head and nausea lasted from Oct to end of feb) but it’s ok now just headaches and legs driving me mad

Anyone else had any of these symptoms.

Sorry for long post but I just don’t seem to be getting anywhere

Thanks in advance

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Aww bless keep asking and my leg has just started to go numb no explanation as yet waiting for heart devise


It’s awful isn’t it, hope you get sorted out quickly fingers crossed for you x


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