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Low blood pressure after valve repair

Hi everyone,

Does anyone else suffer from low blood pressure and, if so, how do you deal with it?

I had a mitral valve replacement in 2014, which did not go according to plan - a rare allergy to Amiodrone, resulted in a split along the line of stitches, which then macerated red blood cells, leaving me increasingly anaemic. I had the split patched a couple of months ago, which has stabilised the anaemia but still left the blood count very low. However I now suffer from very low blood pressure with accompanying digestive problems, numb hands, light headedness etc..

For the previous 40 years I suffered from high blood pressure and learnt to adapt diet & lifestyle (e.g. no caffeine) appropriately. No doubt my poor heart also adapted to the pressure. Does anyone have any tips about what I can do? - I hate coffee!

If you are waiting for a mitral valve replacement, don't be put off by my story - my husband had the same operation and recovered normally.


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My cardiologist recommended keeping well hydrated and adding extra salt to my diet. Hasn’t really made any difference to my BP but may help you. Good luck.


Thanks for that. I'm the same, obvious self help measures don't seem to help.


Are you on any meds? I had my aortic valve replaced in October 2018. I was on 2.5mg of Bisoprolol post op. My blood pressure has been running low for past few mths. At my cardiologist appointment a couple of weeks ago he took me off them, said he didn't see any reason for me to take them anymore and they could possibly be why it's low. I have to have my bp checked in a couple of week, let's see how it goes 🤞


Thanks Chrissy. I am still on Bisoporol 2.5mg, but your answer will empower me to get my GP to take me off it, while waiting for a cardiology appointment. I was on 2mg of Candarsartan as well, but coming off that has not helped. I can't keep on with the digestive problems, bad temper, exhaustion, visual disturbance and faintness! Not can my family!


I’m not on any meds so I can’t blame them sadly!


It seems I am scheduled for an iron transfusion, so I will see if that helps. It might even give me back my sense of taste and appreciation of real ale and wine!


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