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Mechanical Aortic Valve Replacement Operation date


I have been given an admission date for next week! Go in Tuesday afternoon 15:00 stay overnight then AVR to be done first thing Wednesday 27th March 2019 !

Getting more real now. I have a meet the nursing team staff tomorrow so will hopefully find out all I need to know then.

Count down started...

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Good luck, hope it all goes well.

Wendy x

Highpeaked in reply to Fredders


Good luck, we'll be thinking of you X Rie

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Your turn now...very best of luck for next week and keep us updated 🙏

Thanks will try. I have read your updates, helps to get an idea of what to expect...

I had mine done in March 2017. Good luck

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Thanks presume all going well ? worried about the clicking sound already.

Boblell in reply to Highpeaked

Clicking is an issue to be honest, but offset by the fact that it will never have to be done again. Its not so much a ticking as a hearing the thumping in your ears during quiet moments. Warfarin is never an issue, my fitbit vibrates every evening at 6pm to remind me to take it, my INR has always been stable, and I pop into the hospital for a blood test to check it every two months or so.

Had same op 29th Oct. Been back at work full time since January. Haven't fell as good as I do now for a fare few years. Good luck with your op and a smooth recovery x😊

Thanks, great to hear you are feeling so much better, hoping for the same.

Hope all goes well, keep posting whennyou feel able to

Thanks, will try to do some updates...

Best of luck from Clare


So taken off Aspirin seven days before the Op, daily all over shower with special soap.

Went for meet the nursing team today. Representatives from all areas and wards including volunteer support group.

Lasted a couple of hours, they went though the whole process from turning up on the day, what to bring etc. What to expect on the day what will happen from showers to gowns. From ICU to back on the ward. Then physiotherapy what to expect and what they expect ! To post hospital back at home and then physiotherapy after 6 weeks...

Also that with mechanical having to take warfarin may need an extra day in hospital to get the levels balanced, but also talk of some alternatives which can be balanced much quicker. So some more questions to be asked.

Less then a week to go...

So that is really interesting, i am hoping that i will get this “meet the team” , I wonder is this the usual procedure, can I ask where you are having your op Highpeaked ? It must have been very reassuring, pleased for you.

Hi, yes it makes all more real meeting the nursing staff and being able to see where I will be. Going in to Wythenshawe Hospital, North West Heart Centre, UHSM.

Presume you are further down south east way based on the name !

I got to hear of it when put on the waiting list. So presume other hospitals do the same?

Thanks for replying, yes i am south esst and will be having my Op at Kings London. I will enquire when I go next week for my pre-assessment if they do the same thing I’m really hoping they do. Wishing you all the best, Christine

Great attitude highpeaked .. 6 months down the line from the same op... bumpy ride for me and others but we’re still fighting and so much happier and livelier than before the op. Good luck and if you need a chat.. just let me know x

Highpeaked in reply to markhig

Not to sure about the attitude part, thought it was a play on altitude for a minute (highpeaked). More that it is all happening now I am going with the flow, it has to be done. Lots of thoughts going though my mind.

"grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

and the Wisdom to know the difference" Reinhold Niebuhr's

Just hoping for plenty of wisdom and courage in the next few days...

Good to hear its all going well, thanks for the offer.

HenningLob in reply to markhig

Hi. I was searching Mechanical Aortic Valve and I noticed that you said a couple of months ago that you were 6 months down the line from that op. I wondered if you have any advice to give? My husband had mechanical aortic valve fitted just over two months ago and is really struggling with the thumping sound. It used to be a clicking sound but in the last month it is very often an intense and invasive thumping sensation. We have had lots of positive comments from this forum about giving it time and that you do get used to it which he is doing his best to believe. One of the odd things is that a lot of the times it thumps so intensely that it is intolerable but on occasion it does go into the background. He'd love to know what causes it to seem quieter so he could bring on the quietness. I wonder if you ever had any thumping problems from your mechanical valve? I note you said it was a bumpy ride but you feel much happier now. Hope you are still doing well or better still are feeling even better! x

MikeHitc in reply to HenningLob

Hows the thumping going now? has it subsided im having thew operation in 8 days and still undecided on mechanical or bio valve and this is a real sticking point for me!

HenningLob in reply to MikeHitc

In all honesty the thumping is no better at all. It's not me but my husband who has the thumping and he describes it as relentless. He finds that when he is walking the thumping goes into the background and sometimes he even becomes unaware of it when walking. Fortunately he enjoys walking so can seek relief by going for a walk! He is also fortunate that he can sleep. I read others saying that they find it hard to sleep with the clicking of the mechanical valve. My husband says that for him it is not a clicking at all but a thumping and clunking sensation and he finds it uncomfortable. Today he described the noise similar to that of repeatedly flicking a taut cushion. I should add that you do read that many people are not troubled by the mechanical valve and also that most people say you do get used to it. My husband had the op three months ago so there is time yet to get used to it. I would say that my husband is generally someone who is quite sensitive to noise so it could be that he finds it more problematic than others. I can understand that you have a very difficult decision to make. My husband was 56 when he had the op and in fact turned 57 while still in hospital! We were not really even aware that having a tissue valve was a real option. He was strongly advised to have mechanical valve due to his age and it was more or less presented as a fait accompli. Of course you will know that with mechanical valve comes not only potential thumping/clicking irritations but also the business of having to for life take warfarin. I strongly advise you to if possible seek info from your surgeon, to consider what sort of person you are and to what extent a possible clicking or thumping sensation within you would trouble you and also to consider how you feel about being on warfarin for life. I'm sorry if I do not sound very upbeat but I thought it better to be honest. We hope you come to a decision you feel content with and also wish you all the best for your op. Do let us know what you decide and how you get on.

MikeHitc in reply to HenningLob

So day 5 after my AVR sat in my room had all my tubes out and hopefully going home tomorrow.........made the decision to go with the Edwards inspiris valve, literally 10 minutes before I went under the knife! it's my 2nd operation so I was aware what was coming. Early days so far but the surgeon used the largest valve he could with a view of using a TAVI for the next operation in 8, 10 or 15 years time. Thanks for all the comments and support on here like someone said making the decision is harder than having the operation and I totally agree!

Well the very best of luck. I am going in on Thursday, aortic op on Friday. I guess from your name you may be in Derbyshire. Used to walk around there when I was a boy and we lived in Sheffield. In any case let's have nice thoughts about nice places.



Highpeaked in reply to OttoK

Hi, yes in the high peaks of the peak district, so looking forward to getting back out walking up hills!!! Not completely peaked out yet !!!

Just want it to be over and in training for the recovery.

All the very best for Friday, hope it all goes well.

Thanks for replying, yes i am south esst and will be having my Op at Kings London. I will enquire when I go next week for my pre-assessment if they do the same thing I’m really hoping they do. Wishing you all the best, Christine

Signed my life away! On sugary drinks of "PreOp" not great taste very sweet and saccharinie taste.

Told it will be at about 12:30 at this time, missed the morning warm up session....


Op went well. Had a new aortic valve plus double bypass in same op. Got home yesterday. Already walking a couple of 100 metres per outing. A few points. It’s more painful than they tell you so do stick the painkillers. You sort of go to sleep peacefully on the pre-ops and wake up in a boot camp where the two big things are coughing up fluids and walking, both of which you really have to do despite the pain. Nausea does not help, but they can give you extra for that. With all the screens and tubes it’s sort of a boot camp plus bad CGI. Nurses superb, surgeons also although they have their ego-quota. With other patients stay off politics, etc. The last thing you want is a ranter next to you. I just kept stum except for the odd joke. If you get the occasional drug induced hallucination, then don’t panic, it wears off. Cheers, Otto

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