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Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitors


Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitor Machine

I wish to purchase the above, but when I went online there are so many it is confusing to say the least. Could anyone advice please?

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I have a SimbR one. Checked it against my doctors sphignomometer and it was pretty close. I paid a tenner for it a few years ago. I think I bought it from Amazon.

Pandorella in reply to jimmyq

Does it also do Heart rate?

jimmyq in reply to Pandorella


There is a list here from the British hypertension society

Mine is Omron I bought from Amazon and have been very happy with it. Identical make to the ones in my GPSurgery

Pandorella in reply to Dovaston

Thanks Dovaston, I will check it out.

Latchmead in reply to Dovaston

My cardiologist told me to buy Omron from Amazon cost about £30.00 he said to get rid after 18 months as the calibration goes, especially if using it every day as I have to.

Dovaston in reply to Latchmead

Thanks hadn't been told that Latchmead.


I have always had omron from Amazon. They are good

Hi I was lucky enough to be in my local boots one day. They had just put an Omron one down in price again to £15. So I snapped that one up. Same as gp uses. I do my heart rate using my go pro 2 with my mobile. Hope that helps.

Regards Dee.

I bought the Lloyds Pharmacy one for £20 recently. Seems OK. Does pulse rate too, and indicates if heart is irregular.

I've had two, both Omron and yes they do hear rate. Don't get a wrist one; they are unreliable.

I've got an Omron. They use them in my GPs surgery. Works well xx

I bought my machine from lloyds pharmacy and it has seved its purpose well.Its easy to use.

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