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Slightly concerning

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Hi all, this is my 1st post. I've had severe hypertension for a number of years now but recently I've felt quite unwell. I get a dull heavy ache in my left arm, jaw/neck ache, heartburn and some pretty severe headaches. My doctor really doesn't seem to care, it's always... lose weight, be more active etc...

Being active is impossible when you are exhausted ALL the time. I walk to work, am on my feet for 7+ hours continuously so by the time I get home I'm pooped.

Some advice would be good

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You must insist on tests and a referral, your GP presumably doesn't know that woman can present with a variety of different symptoms that can relate to possible heart issues.

Honestly I kid you not, 7yrs ago I had a botched operation (Nhs), I went to her feeling unwell, she sent me away. 3 days later I'm on life support with sepsis! I just feel like walking into A&E but don't really want to waste their time

You need to find a different GP !!

I'm afraid women with possible heart problems are often seen as hysterical hypochondriacs, even when we get to see a Cardiologist it's a battle to avoid the condescending pat on the head "off you go dear nothing wrong"

I thought my current Cardio was better but it's been a month and I'm still waiting for a diagnosis 😞

Good luck !

Your symptoms are potentially serious and need investigating.

But looking beyond that, well, your GP isn't wrong. As doctors always say, there's no pill that can boost your wellbeing like losing two stones!

Since a bypass operation last year I'm trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Like you, at first I thought it would be impossible to overcome that constant feeling of fatigue. But here's the thing, the fitter I get (and it really was small, baby steps at first) the better I feel, and the more I'm capable of doing.

The first few months were a struggle, but now I can really see how weight loss, a better diet, and increasing levels of aerobic exercise, are all working together and supporting each other. The vicious spiral of tiredness, snacking, and lethargy has been replaced by a virtuous circle of exercise, diet, weight loss, and new found energy.

I'm 7st lighter than I have been already. Yes I do need to lose some more but it's not quick to do as I'm sure you already know. I'm currently in bed coughing my lungs up and just have no oomph to do a thing.

"I'm 7st lighter than I have been already."

Very well done, that's a massive achievement.

Hi Mamabear. If you feel unwell go to A&E. As others have said many women present differently. I just had a tightness in my throat and it was a definite heart attack. You are not wasting anyone’s time. Well done on your weight loss that is brilliant. you now need to prioritise the fact that you’re unwell. Go to A&E. Keep us posted please. Best wishes. Zena

We really hope you get sorted out quickly. Please let us know how you get on xxxx

I had an intermittent pain in my jaw and between my shoulder blades. My rheumatologist said it was part of my arthritis and it was treated as such for two years. I was at work one day and the pain was awful and I couldn't breath properly so ambulance was called and went to A&E. It was diagnosed as unstable angina and I have 2 stents and go to cardiac rehab 2 or 3 times a week. Still have problems but at least I know what's wrong. As Zena166 says you must go to A&E next time you have the symptoms and make sure they are fully aware. Be forceful and good luck.

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Stan2 in reply to benjijen


What you have benjijen just said has just hit a cord with me as I seem to be suffering with the same symptoms. I too have had a stent put in after being diagnosed with Inflammatory arthritis. Are you on any tablets for Arthritis? What are the symptoms/pains you have now? Do you use a GTN spray. Its good to hear from someone who has nearly the exact same problems.

Hope we can keep in contact.

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benjijen in reply to Stan2

At the moment I only take co-dydramol as I need it for arthritis. I have GTN spray but last time I was taken into A&E they upped my isosorbide mononitrate to 100mg a day so haven't needed it so much. Also on other BP meds and have underactive thyroid meds.

See another doctor, out of hours if necessary. A doctor tends to look straight through you when they think they know you or ask them to walk a mile in your shoes. Then give you some advice. Good luck.

I highly recommend you see a cardiologist. Jaw pain, left arm sounds like signals that the heart is in distress. Go into A&E if you have to and investigate. This is how I came to know that I had a heart attach.

Most importantly listen to your body.

Wish you all the best

you have every right to ask to see a specialist, be polite but firm and insist on seeing a consultant. Don't let him fob you off this is your health.

Good luck

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