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For about a year now I've been having a few problems. Namely if I walk for a bit, like to the shops or walk fast my heart rate would go up to 165 and usually it is 70. I'd get hot and bothered.

My blood pressure was 150 over 90 so they gave me ramipril. Now much better.

Then I had a few times I'd get a crushing pain all a round my chest like a belt when walking fast...or sustained.

My gp gave me a gt spray to use.

Had a ultra scan of heart and 24 hour ecg..all ok

But still pain & fast heart walking.

So i had a ct of heart.

This was Thursday.

The consultant who does it said it had furring of heart. It was a brief comment. I wait for a letter. My next heart appointment April.

What does this mean?

What can i do?

Bit worried

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Oh I'm 48 by the way :)


Hello and welcome to the forum! I suspect that it was a rather throw away comment to say there was a degree of CVD (cardio vascular disease) or narrowing of the coronary arteries. You need to see the letter to know how significant this is. Do you know your cholesterol level? You should be eating a healthy low fat diet and not smoking if you currently do so. Once you have the letter go to see your GP as treatment with statins may be appropriate. Good luck with getting answers.

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My cholesterol is 5.6

I wish he hadn't said anything..Now left wondering.


4.0 or below would be ideal...


The best person to ask is your doctor. They should have the results of the scan and will be able to explain them to you.

If indeed you have plaque build-up in your heart or arteries it might be reversible. I recommend that you watch the film "Forks Over Knives". It will show you that you can clear out your arteries. It is on Netflix, YouTube and a website of the same name. It is about medical dietary research, including a massive study of 800,000 Chinese people. You might find it helpful, I did.

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Thank you. I will watch it.


Watched it.


I'm on day 2 of no meat no dairy.

Given myself 8 weeks to see how I feel.


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The ideal BP is 120/80. Mine has been as high as 240/140 but went down to 190/100 with treatment in 2016. I still had a mini-stroke in 2017 though. It is now 120/80. I keep a record and these are the averages, rounded up.

The ideal cholesterol is below 5. Mine was 6.5 for years, nothing budged it until this diet. It is now 3.7.

My weight was 14.5st and is now 12.5st, the same as when I was in my twenties.

I have been on a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet since March 2018 and the evidence of my blood pressure, cholesterol and pulse (50-60) indicate that my arteries are clearing. So, it took only 8 months. My doctor is gradually taking me off all the meds, the diuretics, beta blockers and statins have gone.


Interesting. I shall watch that to. Thanks Urssy.


It means you've eaten too many foods that overstimulate your insulin secretion.

Even if eliminating meat and dairy lowers your cholesterol, it won't cure this underlying problem.


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