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Cardiac Arrest

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My mom is having severe pain in heart due to CPR She had got cardiac arrest on 23rd dec 2018 she was taken to hospital in emergency & she collapsed in hosp entrance docs revived her heart with CPR. On 24th underwent angioplasty successfully with 3 stent & ballon blockage of calcium was in main artery. Mom Blessed with new Life & discharged in 31st Dec 2018 but complaint is still she is having unbearable pain in heart & ribs & also she had toe Gangrene which had to amputate 2nd foot finger 3rd foot finger has turned black along with foot heel any body here with Gangrene or cardiac arrest survivors

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Your mum is very early into her healing process but it does sound worrying - please go to your heart specialist and ask them for advice. Similar situation with black toes, either go to specialist or to family doctor - do not defer or think about it - both issues need looking at as soon as possible

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Apologies I am a bit late coming back. I think there is a possibility that your mother is suffering from PAD (peripheral arterial disease) which causes narrowing of the arteries; usually the legs but occasionally the arms. PAD is more common amongst diabetes and/or smokers. If your mother has diabetes it is very important that her blood sugars are well controlled to prevent progression of the disease. I hope the gangrene is not progressing and wish your mother well!

My mom is in ICU first of all needs prayers

Last week she had tremor attack with loss of vision followed by epilepsy

Prior epilepsy she was having pain in her left side of head

Her second foot finger is infected too!

3rd foot finger which was earlier infected & turned black (Gangrene) finger has started bleeding & there’s no support of any skin accept bone

Hope I m able to explain

Let me know if anybody has gone through this hard phase...

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