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Cold weather post bypass

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I had a bypass x2 in June 2018. Recovery slower due to complications with wound and retained temporary pacing wire removal in Oct. I’m a worrier so that doesn’t help but just wanting reassurance that although I’m told I’m ‘fixed’ the cold weather can still affect you, tried running yesterday late for appt but was breathless after couple of minutes (could never run years before op and prior to diagnosis of angina). I then went on brisk 1km walk with hill had very slight chest pain at the end of Walk. Am I just pushing myself too much especially in cold weather? I’ve been doing running 4Km on spot indoors in 32 mins without any problems.

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You appear to be pushing yourself too hard. Have you been offered Cardio Rehab? It is a programme where you do exercise with health professionals present and between you, you work out what you can do now and how to progress your fitness. If it hasn't been offered contact the hospital where you had the bypasses.

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Hi Jimmyq

Yes I’ve just started phase 4. I will slow things down walk instead of trying to run especially in this weather. Just frightened me when I spoke to cardio nurse who said cold shouldn’t affect post bypass patients although I’ve spoken to former bypass patient on ward with me who said she was told to keep in when it’s cold weather. I’m listening to posts about cold weather on the forum too. My family think I’m pushing myself too much as you said. Thank you for your response.

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Cold weather does affect us hearties. I think it constricts the airways but it might be the blood vessels, not sure. I hope someone else on here is more knowledgeable.

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Thank you.

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