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Post Bypass Discomfort

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Hi all hope you are enjoying your Fridays. I had a triple bypass about 5 months ago and still experience discomfort in my chest area, it doesn't keep me awake at night but can be sore if I sleep on my right side. Also when I try to push myself up to standing using my right arm its sore. Am I being impatient for me to feel better or should I speak to my GP? Was wondering if anyone else can tell me when the soreness goes? Many thanks

14 Replies
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skid112Heart Star

Hi there,

Five months is still a short time, the bones are still knitting together and the wires will still be 'blending in'. For me, nearly two years in, I can still feel it at times but the level if discomfort gas eased off massively, if I recall about 7 months in and got better and better.

Good luck


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wiltsgirl in reply to skid112

Thanks Mark, appreciate your message x

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It can take several months. I had bypast last year and it was around 6months before my scar, arms and tightness began to subside. As the nerves are all knitting back you can feel hot burning around chest, arms etc, but it does eventually get better. Use bio oil, orrose hip oil this really does help, and it helps with healing. I hope this helps

Good luck

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wiltsgirl in reply to Twobells

Thanks Twobells, its good to know it does get better. Some days its better than others x

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mine was 9years ago and touch wood doing great you get better and better.lost 3st 11lb and now trying for c25k hope i can do it

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wiltsgirl in reply to paul1960

Hi Paul, that sounds great work. Just want this soreness to go away!

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Have you done / are you doing a cardiac rehab course ?

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wiltsgirl in reply to emjay18

Hi emjay, yes done the rehab classes.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Breathing exercises can be helpful but are mentioned less than walking, lifting, etc. Basically in for 5s, hold for 6s and out for 7s. You can also combine it with walking.

I currently have a tradesman who had a triple three years ago. He felt although you are vastly improved after six months it was two years before he could work as hard as before with only the scar and daily meds as reminders

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wiltsgirl in reply to MichaelJH

Ok thanks Michael, I did read somewhere (done so much) that 2 years is when you can expect to be ‘back to normal ‘. I’m walking between 2-4 miles a day with the dog so getting plenty of exercise and fresh air. So glad it’s cooled down x

I am three months down the line from a triple heart bypass and I am also somewhat concerned about that lingering ache - not a sharp pain like in the beginning but rather like a deep bruise. There are two problems you might have that I do not, which relates to size and weight of your breasts. I did read in the post operative documents that femailes should try and wear a soft bra that has good support without crushing your chest. Lets face it the breast bone is supposed to have healed completely by 12 weeks - but like a badly broken leg, you would naturally look after it. I was in cardiac rehab last Tuesday and asked the SEN exactly your question and she assured me there would be aches and pains for probably a year or more - and that everyone is different. Now I have no worries, even when I take deep breaths and feel the twinge right in the middle of the sternum. After what we all went through, this ache for a few more monts is nothing compared to what we have had to deal with in the recent past

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Thanks for your reply. As I was an emergancy bypass I wasn't given any information about bras etc. Luckily they pulled out the wires on one of my bras and that was more comfortable. When I got home I bought a couple of soft bras that do the job. I guess you don't know how much your chest pulls on the area. Things are getting better day by day, i guess I should be patient. Take care x

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Yes in sane .in heavy chested think makes area sore bra is def better on x

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Hi Quad bypass was Almost 5 years ago, and I still get times of soreness across the scarring, then no irritation for months then it returns, I had an infected wound after the op and the scar is gnarled in places And ver visible still.

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