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Follow up checks


Morning everyone and Happy New Year!

I had a stent put in Sept 2017 following a heart attack after playing squash that evening. I was treated very quickly and efficiently. Have had no issues since and still taking heart medication.

Will I need to continue on the medication and for how long?

Also I’ve never received any follow up appointments to check if everything’s fine.

Not sure if have to have myself checked?

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MichaelJHHeart Star

I would ring the cardiology department that did the stenting. If you get no joy then your GP. You need some sort of follow up. For instance if you were put on statins you need cholesterol and liver function blood tests to see if there is a need for dose adjustment/medication change. They are so busy these days that people can be overlooked!

Thanks for your input, I will speak with my Doctor about this. I have a diabetes review coming up shortly and ask for the blood tests to be done as relevant.

Kristin1812Heart Star

My understanding now of the NHS in our region is that if you have been pretty straightforward, unless you have problems you are left alone. The GP is expected to be your first port of call if anything worries you or changes. They will contact the Cardiologist if needed.

Anything urgent and you go to A and E, but they tell me they are there to make you safe ...either to go home again or be admitted.

Thanks. I will speak with my doctor when I see him very soon at my diabetes review.

If not contacted and offered no rehab I would go and see my doctor. Ask why. While your there take a written list of all the things that bother you. Written because then you don't forgot to ask. Most of us leave the doctors not asking most of the things we intended.

in reply to Andyman

Thanks that’s also a very good suggestion

in reply to Andyman

Thanks for the useful suggestion

Do try to find out about any rehab courses in your area. I'm just finishing mine and its been invaluable. I would have expected you to have some follow-up contact.

Good luck

in reply to Henry20

Thanks. I had rehab soon after sept 17 when I had the stent done. Anyway seeing the doctor next week so let’s see

I rung to see if theres any follow up checks after a year or so.But was told no

they dont do them.Seems wrong to me, but thats how it is.They say, see your

gp and work it out with them.If you have a problem hopefully your gps will pick

it up in time.

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