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Dental treatment following a heart attack

I recently had a heart attack and my dentist now wants me to ask my doctor whether I need antibiotics before having dental treatment (to deal with bleeding). Does anyone know anything about this?

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I suspect the general rule may be not but this thread deals with the issue (and links to documents). I would ask your cardiologist about your specific case.

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I had some dental work recently after my HA, I had to get a blood test first to check the clotting factor of my blood, just to make I did not bleed out while having dental work.

I guess it all comes down to the meds you are on. Speak to your GP and ask for a full blood test, which you can the supply a copy of to your dentist, also tell your dentist what meds your on and what treatment you have received for your HA.


After my first episode of endocarditis in 2012 I was told that the NICE recommendations had recently be changed so that anti-biotics were no longer recommended before invasive procedures, such as dental treatment, as part of the attempt to fight anti-biotic overuse and resistance. In 2017 I had endocarditis again, after a colonoscopy and removal of a couple of polyps, without antibiotics. I had a lengthy discussion with my cardiologist, who wrote a letter to be given to my dentist insisting that I have ant-biotics before either treatment or a visit to the dental hygienist. Apparently cardiologists are campaigning to get the recommendation reinstated. Its a matter of balancing the risks of antibiotic resistance against 3 months on antibiotics, mostly intravenous, 6 weeks of which was as an in-patient.

If you are at risk, go for the antibiotics!


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