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medication query

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I am new here and hoping somone may be of help with my query. My husband age 71 visited a chest pain clinic on 24/12/2018. The result of an ECG revealed that he has had a heart attack he has ben put on a waiting list for a Angiogram when if needed and possible a stent or stents may be put in. His blood pressure was very high so the doctor added Perindopril 2mg once daily and Nicorandil 10mg x 2 daily he is already taking Amlodipine 30mg x1 daily. My husband is finding it very difficult to sleep since staring these added medications. My question is has anyone else experinced this and if so did it continue or is it temporary ?

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Hi Is your husband in Hospital or was the MI picked up on the ECG an old one ??, Medication is a difficult one lots of meds do the same thing the clue is in how they end, pril or lol being very common heart drugs. Trust the Medics they have your best interest at Heart.

Best Regards

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canihelpu in reply to Prada47

Thanks for your reply. Think we were both in shock for a couple of days after been told that my husband had,had a heart attack. Both calmed down a little.

Hi, I am a registered nurse and I stumbled across your post. Considering these tablets are for his heart and his circulatory system if he is having difficulties I would go straight back to the doctor. I would not risk playing around with such medications because it MAY have some really bad effect on him. You need to get help from an expert so if I was you, I would ring to see if the referral to the cardiologist is still within a certain period, to see if you can re-book to see the cardiologist. If not then you have to go back to the G.P. (the primary doctor) to get another referral or advice.

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canihelpu in reply to Karen212

Thanks for your advice

Hi. If he was only told 3 days ago (now 4) that he'd had a heart attack, he's probably worried/scared and won't get much sleep anyway. Many of us have found out that our bodies take time to get used to the drugs, and it could be a few weeks, but if he is really worried, he should go back to the doctor that prescribed these new drugs.

Good luck xx

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canihelpu in reply to Alison_L

Thanks for your reply. I am sure you are right both of us were in a state of shock. It was 3pm Christmas Eve when we were told at an outpatients appointment never a good time for news like this but did put a damper on Christmas for us. In a much better frame of mind now so just await next appointment. Once again many thanks for your comforting reply

Hi canihelpu. Just concentrate on a happy and healthy 2019. Your hubby will get there and you'll find the shock calms down a bit! It did for us when hubby was diagnosed with heart failure and had a quadruple bypass - blimey - it's 7 weeks ago now!!!

He was on shedloads of tablets that messed with sleep (found he was waking up at 3am every morning without fail).

Gradually those tablets have dropped off but sleep is still a bit of a problem.

It looks like the tablets are just helping keep strain off the heart so keeping blood pressure down and opening up the blood vessels so blood flows freely.

He'll get sorted out and you'll have an amazing Christmas next year!!!

Lots of love and hugs to you both xxx

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canihelpu in reply to Handel

Hi Handel, Many thanks for your reply I found much comfort from it. Hope your husband continues to get well. Hope your right about next Christmas it has seemed a long lonely one this year. So here is wishing you,your husband my husband and me a happy healthy new year x

You'll get there I promise. Hubby passed another milestone or two recently. He flew to the races in Dublin with our 2 sons on 28th December and drove a car for the first time in 7 weeks yesterday! He's still tired but I can't tell you how much his confidence was boosted. Little steps at a time xxxx

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canihelpu in reply to Handel

Hi Handel wow! As you say a fantastic confidence boost. We had a bit of a set back which is now thankfully resolving. Lucky to get a GP appointment on 31/12 as I was concerned about my husband chest as I could hear him wheezing from one room to another. Turns out he has a chest infection prescribed Doxycycline and is really picking up physical and mentally. First day back at work for me tomorrow which his first day on his own so obviously pleased at this more positive outlook. Once again thanks for keeping in touch hoping your husband continues his good progress

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Handel in reply to canihelpu

At least you can get back to some normality when you get back to work and your hubby can gain a little confidence fending for himself!!!

Our son brought little Arthur (grandson - 16 months old!!) round this morning. The only sad thing is that my hubby can't pick him up just yet (he's a chunky little lad). He'll get there though!

Hope things continue to go from good to even better for you both. It seems a long haul but you'll both get there xxxx

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