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Just a caution over statins


I had 2 stents in one hospitol, Then 2 in another. I was

Prescibed atrstains from the first procedure, then released

to gp.I continually went to gp saying I wasent well on the medication.

But they said your just being anxious.My secound appointment in hos

was delayed a month .But when they finally took a blood test, they said

the statins had affected my liver and took me off them straight away.I had

the 2nd procedure and they have reintroduced me to rotastatin a different

statin with blood tests. every few months to check suitability, and to gradually

increase dose.I feel much better on the 2nd lot of tablots.Just shows you what

can happen. Its seems that they can sometimes not agree with you.I am certainly

for statins, just whish my gp would have picked up on it earliar and took a blood test.

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Yes Hometerry. I think it varies from doctor to doctor but some seem to be quite passive in monitoring for side effects. Unfortunately we have to be proactive in looking after our health rather than relying on the medical people. My own GP is happy to order blood tests but I had to take the initiative to ask. Towards the end of the consultation he said "you seem to be very well organised". What he meant was "you are a bossy so and so" but we must always think of numero uno first!

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