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Lowered pulse

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I had a normal pulse prob 75 ish.But since ha and stents, its lowerd to

55 to 60.due to the tablots.If your bodys pulse has naturally been 75

through out your life.Then its its lowered to 55 to 60.Could this cause

outher problems, like a knock on effect.May be it has no effect, but you

would think it was a major difference.I can understand its less strain on

your heart, but can it cause adverse effects.

2 Replies


My HR has also dropped significantly and I understand this to be down to the beta blockers - Bisoprolol in my case and a low dose at that. GP wasn’t concerned but said everyone is different in their tolerance my resting HR is 54/55 and even lower during the night. I do feel tired and weary on occasion and have read that BB slow your metabolism so maybe even more of a challenge in quest to lose weight

Again best to mention to your GP probably


Hello Hometerry,

Please see below link, you may find it helpful too.



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