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Enjoying life

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Hi everyone, just to let you all know that about 3 wks ago I was in a bad place . Since then Iv realised Iv been given a second chance and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it.. below is a video off me doing my half hour walk in the pouring rain 😃 trust me before my H/A I wouldn’t go out in the rain if it meant getting my hair wet. Got to say I must look like a nutter as I’m actually smiling as I’m getting soaked 😂😂 Happy Saturday to all you lovely people xx

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Fabulous lynn. Onwards and upwards buzz ❤️

That’s the spirit. I’ve always gone out in all weathers being big into outdoor pursuits. But it’s even more enjoyable now. I crack up at colleagues who moan it’s too cold, horrible & wet etc, don’t know how lucky they are. Just get on with it & enjoy everyday

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Lynn1966 in reply to pinnelli

To be honest that was me before, too cold too wet but now I’ll go out in all weathers and I totally love it xx

Well done I'm glad you are feeling more positive #enjoy x

Great and brilliant news, step by step literally some small ones and sometimes strides... Hope you’re out and about today and enjoying a better day weather wise xx

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Lynn1966 in reply to Sususulio

It’s been awful weather down here, cold and pouring down. I went into town wondering around doing Christmas shopping and had a lovely meal . We were out from 11 until 6 so Iv have had a very good day walking xx

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