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Not enjoying life since nstemi march 2016


Had minor heart attack stent fitted done all correct stuff excercise diet feel do not enjoy life if offered beer refuse it not go in take away even eat treat. Sometimes do not want be near folks confidence been shot since had chat therapy just not enjoying anything weird explain this anyone heart probs felt same after i should relax but examine things do all time even got pills relax me from docs should be happy like chief greycloud since

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skid112Heart Star

Hi there, it happens to a lot of us, go and see your GP, get a referral for some counselling.

As much as your overall diet should change it really doesn't mean the odd beer or takeaway isn't allowed, just not every day. This is life, it isn't a dress rehearsal, I don't believe a life of shredded lettuce leaves with no salt is any way to enjoy life.

Exercise, give your heart muscle a work out, eat sensibly yes, but have a treat every so often.

Good luck


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thanks advice all best


Hi I am still in shock since being diagnosed with heart failure, I keep thinking why me! It's so unfair, I don't smoke, not overweight I walked everywhere and suddenly the rug was quickly taken from under me, I have stomped and wept, then dusted myself down and try to just carry on with as many things as possible as I know it's incurable and can only get worse, I am scared to book holidays but I did, I hate driving, just in case but I kind of make myself do it, little steps make me feel a bit better in myself, I still go out every weekend and enjoy my wine, my cardiologist says just to stick to the limits set for drinks, I also enjoy all sorts of foods, salads are not for me lol, please don't deprive yourself of too many things, try and see friends and family, there is nothing like friendship and laughter to lift the spirits, I know it's not easy to think about the future, but I try and live for today, take care and keep in touch with us all char x

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with thanks xandy

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Lovely post chaz

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