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Getting there!

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When I did my first post I was feeling so low. Had an appointment this morning with h.f. nurse. Kept wanting to cry. She says heart is doing well though b.p. very low. So need to focus on the fact that 6 months ago I was so out of breath I couldn't do anything and was sleeping in a chair. Now? Two pillows and sleeping well. That's progress! Writing these little messages has helped so much. I have put my name on the list for exercise classes. That my next ✓.

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That all sounds like really positive progress. Well done for managing to see it that way yourself. My low blood pressure made me feel much worse in the first year or so of being on medication but my body did adjust over time. Hopefully you will experience similar. Good luck with the exercise classes! X

The nurse has halved my losartan to get my b.p. up a bit so I'm hoping that will make me feel a bit better🤔

I love cats too bet now only have two brown Labradors. Crying is a part of the recovery and I believe that is firmly down to the drugs during your operations. They are quite normal and will pass very quickly. I distinctly remember about four weeks after my bypass operation, my good lady asked me a question and I replied - "Please don't talk to me at the moment because if you do I will just cry. I had to tell her the truth for she might have really worried but she had also read the hospital booklets where they specifically mention the down times. You do now sound positive and again, like me are at the six month milestone and getting fitter and better all the time - wont be long now till the spring with no muddy feel from the dogs - time makes all the difference - just thank goodness we have all been given "time" back

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Thankyou for your last chat. It is inspiring. I will keep that last thought tucked away for bad days.

I had hospital appointment yesterday with hf nurse and did cry. Felt much better. Remember we are allowed to let our feelings out. Be kind to yourself you will get to feel better.

Thankyou for your kind words. It's amazing to find so many who feel like me. I think about all of us sitting in waiting rooms looking so strong and in control but crumbling inside! This is so therapeutic!

Hi Love100cats (what a lovely name!). When hubby was on meds before his quad bypass, his BP was so low. The tablets he was on just slow motioned his whole body.

Since coming out of hospital, he's down and fed up (not so much now) and like ticking-ticker, just didn't want to talk and felt like crying.

Thanks goodness for the hospital booklet that explains all of this is normal.

You're doing really well and I think that all on this forum will echo the same as me.

Keep up with the good work, cuddle a cat or two (nothing like chatting to our cat when I'm feeling down - no judgement or eyes rolling!!!).

Let us all know your milestones because there will be many tiny ones and some huge ones!! xxxx

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The good thing about this forum is that everyone is being so up front and honest about how they feel. No pretending or false smiles. It feels so good to say how I feel. Thankyou.

Crying is cool - I'm ex-military and so are some of my friends who have had bypasses like me. We laugh about how little things will bring a tear to the eye years after the surgery - stay away from romantic comedies I say! Sounds like you are going well, good stuff!

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Crying is cool is going to be my mantra! I've spent all my life being strong for others. Now is my time to honest about how I feel. I know deep inside it will be good for me. Thankyou.

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