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Hi lovely heart folk 💕, haven’t posted in a while as my DCM is ticking along quite nicely , things have improved since my first diagnosis in Feb, when I remember a lot of you were so supportive and helpful! Anyway, I’ve had this viral thing similar to flu since Thursday and what I’d like to know is, do we find it harder to shake these things off than a normal heart person, all I want to do is sleep, I feel like I’m over the worst of it but still feel rotten, and being told all I can take is paracetamol is a killer.... my sinuses are killing, tried steaming regularly but not much relief there either! I feel like I’m doing but moan ! Thanks for listening xx

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Funny you should come up with this. I felt like crap yesterday and this morning. Our youngest granddaughter stays with us on Mondays and I clean up after her on Tuesdays. Not this week, didn't feel up to it. I suspect it takes us longer to get over illnesses because we are all getting older, nobody gets younger. On top of that our bodies have taken a hammering.

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