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I have aortic valve replacement with On-X prosthetic mechanic valve 6 months ago. I'm 29yrs. I m on 4mg Acitrom (equivalent to 8mg coumadin) and 150 mg aspirin a day.

What u will suggest for me regarding INR Range, Daily walking miles, blood test frequency , heart echo frequency ,daily routine.

Please help me. I will be very thankful to u all.

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Hi Godie

I too have had an AVR for bicuspid valve which was only discovered last year. I am a bit older at 57 yrs old. I had a new generation mechanical valve.

I am on life long warfarin and my target INR was set before I left the hospital and then the target was changed at outpatient s clinic. I self test my INR, I bought the machine for approximately £300 , the GO gives me a prescription for the testing strips and needles. Self testing is very straightforward and easier than going to the clinic. My INR took time to settle but I do a test, phone the surgery and they advise 're dosage and next test date.

I went to cardiac rehabilitation which I found very helpful, have you done the course, it gives good information and support. At the end of the course I was referred to the local gym for 3months free , I did not previously go the gym but find it very helpful. I aim to either do 10,000 steps or go to the gym but it does not always happen....

I had my surgery last May, an echo in June then another in October. This year I have just had an echo who as it was fine I don't need to see the cardiologist but have to contact for a repeat echo in another two years.

I live at home with my husband and two teenagers, we live a busy but active live which includes me working. If you follow my story you will see that I had endocarditis as well as the operation so my recovery was quote protracted.

I hope you are doing well and that the above helps.

Best wishes



Thankyou So much Mary

Could u pls tell me ur INR target and daily dosage of warfarin and aspirin?

Also how you know ur valve is going good from echo report which constituent show u r valve is working good in echo report?


Hi Godie,

Regarding the INR , it was set by my surgeon and is set as per your type of valve I think and possibly other factors. The INR is individual so my value could be wrong for you. My warfarin dose depends on my blood test result. You sound as if you have some questions that you really need to ask your doctor or who iever s prescribing your meds. No one on this site can advice you 're drug dosage.

The only medicine I take is warfarin.

My echo was done by a technician at my local hospital and I received a letter from my cardiologist stating that my valve was healthy and working well and that he had no concerns.

Hope this answers your questions.

Where did you have your surgery done ?



Thank you mam

In india

Reply Mary says you need to speak to your doctor/ prescriber. The target INR range will vary between people depending on what you have had done and other factors. Dosing of warfarin will also vary. Your INR will be affected by your diet, so as Mary said your doctor may adjust your dose after testing.


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