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Angiogram Results Help


The results from my angiogram are as follows...

Left main - severe disease.

LAD - proximally occluded.

Circumflex - severe atheroma throughout.

RCA - proximally occluded.

LIMA to LAD - patent

SVG to PDA - severe atheroma which is focal at the proximal part of the bypass graft.

SVG to D1 - moderate to severe proximal atheroma otherwise unobstructed.

SVG to PLV and OM1 - both occluded.

I have had an MRI stress scan since but don't know the results, My consultant is going to do 1 stent and that's it. There is nothing they can do with the 2 that are blocked.

I just wanted some Idea of how bad It is.

Please don't pull any punches.


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Bottom line - it isn’t great news, but then anything that says your ticker is not all it should be is never going to be great news. You really need to talk to your GP and your cardiologist to get a full rundown here. You could enter each one of your results onto google and build up a picture but be warned the results of these searches can be very alarming- if you want to do this try and stick to decent sites (NHS, Mayo Clinic for example). You could try calling the BHF help line as well.

Thanks Steve. I had 5 heart bypasses 9 years ago and was wondering how bad is was this time.

shopman in reply to Bluemoon2018

Is it your grafts that are now blocking up?

Bluemoon2018 in reply to shopman

Yes unfortunately.

Please share stress MRI resuly . If you are able to clear stage 1 (first 3 min) of stress test (bruce protocol) then it is a good situation.Collateral development via gradual excercise is a good option not preferred by many . Though I had option to go for CABG but I did not opt for it as I am healthy for last 18months . I could clear stage1 in Jan17 , cleared stage2 in May17 hoping towards clearing stage3 in next attempt

Hi I haven't got the MRI results just told they could do 1 stent. If I can get any more info will post.

Thanks for replying

The stress MRI test is not a treadmill test its an MRI scan while the pump you with adrenalin to see how the heart and plumbing copes.

I had 4 CABGs before stents were in wide use, 1997. I recommend that you watch the film "Forks Over Knives". It is on Netflix and YouTube. It is about global medical heart research, including a massive study of 800,000 Chinese people. You might find it helpful, I did. It might save you having the surgery.

I have been on a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet since March and the evidence of my blood pressure (120/70), cholesterol (3.7) and pulse (50-60) indicate that my arteries have cleared. So, it has taken only 8 months. My doctor is gradually taking me off all the meds, the diuretics and statins have gone.

My BP has been as high as 240/140 but responded to treatment. My cholesterol was 6.5 for years, nothing budged it until this diet.

Bluemoon2018 in reply to jimmyq

Thanks I will look into it.

Do you know where they are proposing to put the 1 stent? Have you also asked if they would consider drilling your original arteries out or indeed your grafts? It is something I was originally offered a year ago but subsequently put on hold for now.

Bluemoon2018 in reply to shopman

yes I asked about drilling but was told that was for calcium and wasn't suitable for my condition.

Hi Bluemoon

I presume you understand the 3 letter acromyms which make it all sound very complex, bottom line is really how do you feel ?? and how old you are. That may sound irrelevant but if it was me I would want to know the consequences of trying to unblock through Angioplasty or going for CABG again, or even what's on offer.

Have they told you what is viable?? no point in trying to open up a vessel if there is no heart muscle which would benefit from an increased blood flow. I was told the percentage of Heart that was viable and that which was not, before opting for stenting almost 3 years after bypass surgery.

Best Regards

Bluemoon2018 in reply to Prada47

I feel restricted and can't walk very far without chest pain, I'm 51 and don't drink or smoke. I don't understand much about the heart in that I've had 5 bypasses but how many do I need open to stay alive? Can I live a normal life on 1 open or do I need more?

Hi Bluemoon (One of my favourite songs)

How long is a piece of string is the answer to your question.

There are lots of options open for us Wonky Heart people like Medication, Pacemakers, etc I have basically 1 and a 1/2 coronary arteries open supplying about 40 % of my Heart Muscle and I do lead a pretty normal life. Even though I do get short of Breath I don't have much pain.

The biggest pain I have is popping the 10 different pills, knowing they are never going to fix me, only that they are going to hopefully prolong my reasonable adequate lifestyle.

Just thinking about it I have three problems which II would like to fix 1 Erectile Dysfunction, but we overcome that with a good Cwtch 2 Tying my shoelace is difficult ( Short of Breath ) so bought Slip on Shoes 3 Drying myself after a shower ( Short of Breath so take my time.

So what I am trying to say is Life goes on even after the diagnosis of a Wonky Heart ( when did you have your CABG ). I am now 71 and feel very lucky to have arrived here after a Heart Attack in 1982 (36 years ago)

By pass op for me was June 2015 followed by stenting in March of this year so looks like we are following a similar path. Good Luck it's bad, but not ready to go just yet !!! I do believe being positive is a good start to overcoming this s**t thrown our way.

Best Regards

I was nearly 42 when I had the 5 bypasses now 51. Thanks for the info especially the 1 1/2 veins open to your heart and you feel fine that sounds very encouraging.

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