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Complicated Husband


Hi. I'm on this website to find hints, tips, advice etc to help as I care for my husband. Last tear, at the age of 56 he was rushed to hospital with a very slow pulse rate (38). The Consultant told him he had suffered a heart attack and would need a 3 lead pacemaker to help regulate his rhythm. He also said there was some damage to the Heart. His arteries were, and still are, 100% clear. In theatre another doc changed the pacemaker to be fitted to a 2 lead. No idea why. Discharged after being told he would feel much better in about 3 months. No advice. He didn't feel better. Every doc we saw to try and find out more told us he hadn't had a heart attack and there was no permanent damage... This was gp, follow up cli ic, hf nurse. It was when we had a. Appointment come through to see the hf nurse that we became even more confused. She told us he had heart failure, not a heart attack and no damage as there had been no heart attack! To shorten things slightly, I eventually wrote a letter to his Consultant and we attended an appointment) not with the actual consultant though). There it was suggested an MRI was in order to solve this puzzle. He had already been discharged from the hf team by this time. He had an MRI. July we saw his actual consultant who told us that no part of the heart was working properly. The complete diagnosis:- 1)severe lvsd (EF factor 35%). 2)non-ischaemic dilated cardiomyopathy 3)Basal to mud-ventricular septal myocardial infarction. 4)Aortic root and ascending aorta dilation. 5)Paroxysmal irregular atrial tachycardia. 6)dual chamber pacemaker for sino-atrial disease. 7) unobstructed coronaries After this bombshell we were promptly discharged from his clinic that day!!! Our gp fi ally put him on blood thinners as the hospital decided the heart attack was most likely due to a blood clot 'but we don't need to treat of that' (quote from the hospital). He has been getting worse, able to do less, much more breathless.. And in desperation we gave now requested a referral to the Heart hospital in Oxford near John Radcliffe. We have been given no advice, no back up contacts, nothing - and Pat wS back in hospital in August where his medication was upped. We have an appointment with the hf nurse - in December!! Has anyone else experienced this rubbish care and lack of help or advice? I will never recommend Kettering Hospital to anyone.

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I don't have any answers for you unfortunately. My husband had a massive heart attack which resulted in cardiac arrest & now a severely damaged heart. He had been to the hospital 3 times (not Kettering) with classic heart attack symptoms but was sent away each time. He then had the cardiac arrest & he had no follow up treatment from the hospital even though he was re-admitted many times as the medication wasn't working. I'm so sorry your husband & you are going through this, all it does it add to the stress & worry. I hope you get the answers you need soon xx

I don't think any of us hearties are qualified to give you any answers. You could call the BHF Heart Helpline on 0300 330 3311 and talk to a cardiac nurse about it. They work office hours.

My event was not nearly so serious, MI one stent, lottsa, lottsa, trouble with meds, GP, employer etc. (Not worth the free ride in an ambulance 😉) unfortunately, my small researches show, there are changes in brain chemistry, during, and after an incident, there are changes in body/brain chemistry with meds prescribed; but individuals will react differently (no one person meets the average!) I've found self help groups like this very helpful, and there are other (internet profile care may be required) groups via Facebook etc. I've found helpful, and informative.

I had a small heart attack years ago, that shows up on an EKG. My problem with the heart is cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart), irregular heart rate, sometimes atrial fibrillation, and a weak heart muscle (heart failure). An ICD was implanted because I was intolerant of heart medications. The ICD is stimulating my heart to beat regularly, and somehow, I have a stronger heart. Not meant to die today. Sometimes I can feel a jabbing sensation around the heart area. ICD, hard at work.

My arteries are clear, and normal.

It the same in NZ. I received no follow up from hospital even though a severe whole of body red rash appeared a week after pacemaker and has stayed for four months now.

Sorry that I cannot help you with any of your concerns, I want to tell you that I have read your post and my heart goes out to you. It sounds as if you need someone to follow through on what the hospital consultant said... perhaps answer your questions (properly!). All the very best to you both.


I think No 3 on your list is a heart attack " Myocardial Infarction " I believe is medical jargon for a H A. Sure someone with a lot more knowledge will be able to answer most of your questions. The jargon is pretty familiar to a lot of people on the site !!! Speak to BHF Heart Nurse for a lot of Valuable Information


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