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New update by Donkster

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Hi folks

Thought I would give another update had my ablation done on the 12 June 2018. And was told by my follow up cardiologist that I probably have 100% ablation so it worked for me.

I’ve not had any alcohol at all except after my follow up appointment I thought I would try half a glass of red wine 🍷 four days after my appointment I fancied one so I poured half a glass of red first sip great well deserved second sip ok. 10 minutes later I felt all my pace match points and felt shit. I didn’t really like it or the taste wow that’s weird I used to drink and love it. Anyway I stopped right there and thought that’s me done no more it made me uncomfortable all my old feelings came back if just how crap I used to feel. Even mild pounding over my chest. I’m ok now but not going back to drinking anymore.

I don’t get any problems unless I push myself to much then a twitch or two short lived. My cardiologist recommended couch to 5K so I will update you all when I have more news.

No chocolate, Alcohol, Caffeine and I eat lighter still tired now and again but that’s getting better the more time passes the better I feel.

By for now Donkster 👀

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Glad everything on the up. Couch to 5k is very good did this before my problems started take it steady though at first walk before you run. Back to see my cardiologist tomorrow see if things have improved even though I feel worse than when I first went meds I think. Though have had set back waiting for appt. for Liver specialist heart mri showed lesions on liver so more worry and waiting. Hopefully will get sorted soon. Glad you are feeling better tale care.

Hi. Good to hear your progress. Glad you mentioned wine. I often think I would like to try one but now will keep to my abstinence! I would be interested in how you get on with the couch to 5k. I often thought about running again but not sure I could do it! Glad you’re feeling better Keep it going. Zena

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