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Less Invasive Mitral Valve Repair Survivors


are there any survivors here hat are maybe a few months on from their valve repair? I think I need to see a success story or two to help me get through.

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Had an aortic valve replacement in January. Followed by a fractured rib and pleurisy. Since then just got better and better. Look forward.

I increased walking gradually but after three months have been walking five or more miles a day.

We are now in North Yorkshire and walking the moors every day.

So there is hope, you will feel better by the day


Thanks, was doing 3-10 miles 2 times a week and gym on other days. Now if I can get to 2 miles daily by week 4


My friend had a new valve nearly 14 years ago and she is still going strong. The heart is such and emotive lump of muscle, but like many things in our body can be repaired successfully.


There is a post today from someone who had a valve repair a year ago and is doing well. A friend's wife had a mitral valve replacement (tissue) and two other valves repaired eighteen months ago and it back to her former self (she was struggling to cook a basic meal before). There are others decades on from valve surgery.

Remember that if the repair fails in the future it is not the end of the road as there are options like replacement. Above all avoid Dr Google which is full of incorrect and out-of-date information.


I have been told I was very lucky, it was a repair very minor and since I was very good health before and fit for my age, that I shouldn’t have all they other problems many face. I just live in a country that doesn’t have social medical and we have to hope the medical bill fight doesn’t give me a heart attack. Trying to be humorous but not succeeding well.

I wish I could hike right now, I’d be so happy.


Hi Batgrrly,

Its been 11 months since my Aortic valve replacement and it gets better everyday, just don't rush things. I am doing the Health walks run by my local council. These are well worth doing as you are not only exercising but you are also meeting other walkers who maybe in a similar position as you but you are also getting to know your local area better.


Hoping to get at you stage. But winter months means some gym time building up. Argh. Start physio cardio program next week.


I was offered gym twice a week for 10 weeks as part of my cardiac rehab. After that was offered free gym membership for three months. Both of which I did.

Enjoyable at the time but I do prefer walking and swimming.

Hope you get back to the gym but my initial gym sessions were under the care of cardiac nurses and cardiac trained gym instructor.


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