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I had a pacemaker fitted at the end of May and began beta blockers for a flutter yesterday. Have been walking every day but wanted to step up the exercise to lose weight so today was day 2 of C25k .....having never run since school (I am 57) ....and even then, cross country consisted of hiding most of the time.....I am considering myself an absolute beginner. It is an 8 week program......slowly does it I hope....may even take this advisable? I know exercise is recommended I just don't want to overdo it having never been an athlete even with a fully functional heart haha

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You should ask your GP if it is all right for you to do this. If they say "yes" then good luck with it!

Agree with Jimmy. Just check it out with your GP or cardiac rehab team. I’m still at the walking stage!! Good luck with it all. Best wishes Zena

If your GP says that its OK ,then all the best to you :) If he says no ,dont forget walking is one of the best exercises going,it can realy help with fitness.My husband is the one with the heart problem,but I started my running with walking and I am sure that helped improve my fitness before I embarked on running.

Wish I lived near you we could walk together, I need to lose weight and get fitter too. I would leave my gym kit on the bus 😅 in school

Bingo88 in reply to Weejenny

Think a lot of us would like a walking buddy. Or Gym buddy. I did the gym for the 1st time in my life at 60. It does work and i lost 2 stone. But so boring have no one to compete a little with. After 3 months was going on a 6 week holiday. Never went back. And put the stones back on BRIAN

Hi Beffohol, best people to ask is the cardio rehab team but the key to starting an exercise program like this is the enjoyment. Don't just do it out of duty to loose weight. A great running group will make you feel welcome and not push you too hard. Sure you will feel exhausted but there is no better feeling shortly after a run.

Good luck


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