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I'm new here though I have been reading a lot of the posts. Was diagnosed with angina nearly a year ago. I've had HBP for many years, probably genetic and was already taking Doxazosin, Felodipine, Losartan, Atorvastatin and an aspirin. The Cardiologist added Bisoprolol and 10mg Isosorbide twice a day. On top of all this I have had to use the Glyceryl spray, more so during both winter and a lot during the hot summer. if I feel myself getting breathless I try to sit down and wait to see if it passes. My GP says I should be using it as soon as I get breathless. Any advice.

Thanks Isabel

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Hi Isabel. Perhaps give the BHF helpline a call. They will talk you through things as you sound unsure and they have in-depth knowledge to help guide you. Yes the summer has been extreme for us! Hope the winter isn’t too cold. I live in newastle upon tyne it was pretty bad last winter! Take care. Zena x


Thanks Zena. Had a bad day yesterday and had to use my spray twice within 5 mins whilst in town. I'm 74 and living in Scotland so our winters can be pretty chilly.


My cardiologist told me to use my GTN before I walk to help me before I suffer an attack, seems to be helping


Thanks for that. When I saw the Cardiologist after my angiogram he did ask if I had any questions but at that time couldn't think of anything. I will definitely be using the spray oftener after a bad day yesterday.


If you know who your cardiologists is ring his or her secretary with your questions. Mine generally will call me back. I had a triple bypasslast year, but unfortunately there is a problem with two of the grafts, hence now have angina. On a new set of drugs so have to see how it goes. I am also back at rehab to get me back on track. Sometimes you just need to push for answers a little.


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