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Recovery Timeline from Mitral Valve minimally invasive repair


Hello 👋 I’m three weeks in recovering from surgery and feel quite lost. I was a gym goer and doing great until they told me I needed surgery. I am wondering if there is like a published timeline of recovery from this kind of surgery? I think it would help with the depression and brain fog if I could see some kind of progression.

I am keeping a journal to talk with the cardio center

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Hi I had hip replacement year ago today and I felt the same way but my psyo said to me to go back to the gym after six weeks start off slowly and get myself back in to it, drink spenty and eat healthy but don't look back always look forward and I had so many friends at the gym and couldn't believe that I got back in to it after six weeks, it was hard but u have to push yourself , if u don't mind me asking what surgery did u have? Tc x

I had my mitral valve repaired last December, also using minimally invasive surgery. The way you feel sounds very familiar to me, and no doubt to many other patients who have undergone major surgery. Things will get better gradually, but everyone is different and there aren't "standard" timelines for recovery, I'm afraid.

I found that my local cardiac rehab classes were a great help, by providing the appropriate level of exercise, among a great group of people in a similar position as myself. I now have a formal exercise regime that motivates me (each patient only gets eight sessions, unfortunately), and I can see real improvements over the past few months.

What you are feeling is normal. Take a long-term view of your recovery, and try not to let any short-term setbacks get you down. Things will get better.

Batgrrly in reply to guidedog98

Thank you I cannot start classes til next week, we are trying to get me on the magic bus so I can get to them. I was at gym before this happened so I was told I may have easier time adjusting. It’s the strain of being off work that’s getting to me. So I will just keep plugging away. Just weird things like before I go to dentist I have to take antibiotics now. Weird.

I’ve had brain fog after heart surgery. I believe ur mitral valve sends blood to ur brain so brain fog and memory loss are more likely.

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