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An Aeurysm


After an echogram in April it was discovered that I had an aneurysm in the aorta in a place called the Sinus of Vasalva which I gather is where the ascending aorta enters the heart. I had my HA in late December 2016, I had an angiogram, so it didn't show up then nor in the echogram in 2017. I gather it's quite rare, I haven't a clue what the treatment is these days. Does anyone have any knowledge of this type of aneurysm please, I will be eighty four in November.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Echocardiograms do not always scan exactly the same area. There is an aortic aneurysm screening programme in place where all men are called up at 65. They do a day at my GP practice every couple of months. Depending on the results the person may be monitored going forward, referred for surgery or, more usually, told everything is fine. In one batch last year they found an aneurysm so bad that the gentleman was immediately transferred. Allegedly it was 13.5cm in diameter.

Treatment is the same as for your HA, i.e. healthy diet, monitor cholesterol and BP, not smoking, etc .

Don't worry if they were concerned your feet would not have touched the ground.

Do keep us updated.

Rosei in reply to MichaelJH

Thank you Michael, that is interesting. I have a very healthy diet fruit and vegetables mostly, fat free and sugar free yoghurt and fish or chicken.

I am seeing the vascular consultant on Monday, I'll let you know what the thinking is.

Best of luck. Clare

Rosei in reply to MichaelJH

Michael, I am back from the hospital, it appears that I have two aneurysms, one in the abdomen and another in the aorta as it goes into the heart, in the bend. The abdomen one is to be watched annually but the one near the heart has to be seen straight away, more than likely in Sheffield, now I am on the treadmill of cat scans., even behind my knees.

Hello Rosei, until recently I had never heard of Sinus of Valsalva but 7 weeks ago I had emergency open heart surgery to repair a Type A dissected aneurysm of the Sinus of Valsalva. I am 79 years old and normally very fit and active female but had viral pericarditis in March with a follow up echocardiogram in early May. This showed an aneurysm of the thoracic aorta and I had a ct scan in early July which confirmed a 6cm aneurysm and a torn aorta. Apparently I had been living on borrowed time since March. I have made a very good recovery from the 7 hour operation and was discharged home after 7 days. I was warned that I would have some after effects of the long anaesthetic which would eventually improve i.e. tingling in feet, visual disturbances, awareness of heart beating but I am gaining strength every day and walking for about half an hour outside as well as around the house. I’m taking Bisoprolol and Ramipril to keep my blood pressure down and feel a bit light headed at times but just grateful to be alive. I don’t know what other treatment of this type of aneurysm is but I hope that you keep well and are well looked after. If surgery is suggested perhaps my experience will help you. Best wishes.

I have just seen your reply and I am really grateful, it gives me hope, fortunately the abdominal aorta aneurysm was picked up after a CT scan while in hospital because of a disastrous episode with aspirin last November, in April I was sent for an echocardiogram which was a year after my heart attack, this picked up the aneurysm in the Sinus of Valsalva, both are only 3.6cm, so I have a way to go before any intervention, or at least I hope so. I have seen a consultant vascular person, I shall be having a scan of the back of my knees. I suppose I am lucky that mine have been picked up early.

I hope you keep well and once again thank you for your reply.

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