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Hi , I had a heart attack 5 weeks ago and had 3 stents fitted, I was wondering if anyone had trouble with their prescription ? I was okay on the tablets I received from the hospital but when I got the same prescription from my local chemist all of them where a different brand and I've not felt well since being on them , I know they prescribe the cheapest and there's suppose to be no different but has anyone els had the same trouble , be grateful for any replies , thank you

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If the PL number is the same then it’s the same product. Manufacturers have to Use the same formulation so the manufacturer is irrelevant.

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stevejb1810 in reply to IanMK

The first part is true. A PL number relates to the product and the company manufacturing the product. Each company that supplies to product has to have a PL and that number will be different for each manufacturer of the product. So you can have different PL numbers for the same product.

Unfortunately, the other bit about having to use the same formulation is not true. The product must contain the same active ingredient but the formulation (the non active materials) do not have to be the same. It doesn’t even have to be the colour! Throw in the fact that the drug substance can be made all over the world using different processes and you have a recipe for quite a lot of potential variation. There was a recent case of one supply of a particular medication being withdrawn but another supply being left on the market - different maker same product different drug source.

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Rhinet34 in reply to stevejb1810

Thank you for your reply , I know I felt poorly on these new tablets , I'd been perfectly fine on the ones from the hospital..

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IanMK in reply to stevejb1810

I'm sorry. You're right of course. I'd looked up one of my meds on the MHRA website and didn't notice the reference to the marketing authorisation holder.

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stevejb1810 in reply to IanMK

No apology necessary. It’s what 40 years in pharmaceutical development does to one 😉

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Zena166 in reply to stevejb1810

Sorry for intervening in someone else’s post. Thanks for this Steve this is really helpful especially as I have just identified allergic responses to 4 different medications. I shall take note especially as I am predisposed to hypersensitivity to a variety of materials. Thanks. Zena

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MichaelJHHeart Star

There was a similar post a few days ago and I mention two people having issues with a change of manufacturer; one a beta blocker and the other a *pril. Whilst the active ingredients remain the same the filler may change. GPs can write a prescription for a specific brand and this may be worth a try.

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Rhinet34 in reply to MichaelJH

Thank you , I've requested that same ones as before and I've think I've found a chemist that can get them for me , Boots , where I've always got my prescriptions from wasn't helpful at all ...

It’s possible that as you have been taking the meds for a longer time now, your body is adjusting and it’s possible you may need to change your meds. Whatever you are taking now are generic and could come from any number of different companies so they will be different, although the active ingredient will be the same. Cost will be part of the equation but supply is also an issue so sometimes providers have no option but to switch.

If you continue to have issues with your meds go and see your GP as your first port of call and see if your prescription needs changing. It’ll be tough to get a single supply of a generic drug but you could keep trying different pharmacies but it’s not something I’d recommend.

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Rhinet34 in reply to stevejb1810

Thank you for your reply ..

Interesting info Steve - what does PL stand for please?

Good morning, welcome to the site. I had a similar operation as you, had back and leg ache, spoke to the nurse and they change my statins to Rosuvastatin which you take during the day, aches and pains have gone. Best regards

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Rhinet34 in reply to bjd2

Thank you , hope your okay now ..

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