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Nose bleeds


Hi all, this the first time asking a question on here and hope my mind can be put at rest. I had 1 stent inserted 8 weeks ago but am now out of breath more than I was before, its quite upsetting but my consultant says it is the clopidogrel drug I am on and that it will sort itself out when I stop taking it in a years time 🤔. My question is to people on this drug, do you suffer from nose bleeds? I started to have nose bleeds 10 days ago every other day but for the past 3 days it's every day 😢. My Gp seems to thing there's nothing that can be done except keep an eye on my blood to make sure I don't become anemic, is this true.

Kind regards


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I have been on Clopidogrel 75mg daily since January and I don't have nose bleeds. I didn't know that one is only supposed to be on it for a year. Thanks for that, I will count the months!

Betlynch in reply to jimmyq

Ditto to that, I can't wait 👍

I have been on Clopidogrel for 5 weeks, and no nose bleeds, If the Clopidogrel is to blame, surely it should be on the leaflet/info as a side effect.?

Betlynch in reply to bowler

Thanks for taking the time to answer, It is one of the side effects mentioned online unfortunately, hope you stay unaffected.

Kind regards

MichaelJHHeart Star

Has anyone actually checked your nose ( nostrils)? A few years ago a friend had repeated nose bleeds after a sinus infection. It needed cauterising and he has had no problem since. Sometimes it is too easy for us Hearties and the professionals to focus on the heart condition and associated medication.

Betlynch in reply to MichaelJH

Thank you I don't believe it never enter my head or the doc's. The question will be asked.

Kind regards

Your doctor can change to somethibg else if bleeding persists.

Betlynch in reply to Shoshov

Thank you for your reply, I see the consultant soon so will talk to him about that.

Kind regards

I'm on clopidogrel and had 1 nosebleed while I was in hospital which was scary coz it bled so much because of blood thinners but I've had nothing since thank goodness

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