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I had a a 4 x CABG in May. At the time my doc said my condition was probably 'hereditary' as no prior high BP or high cholesterol etc and my Dad also had a bypass at age 55. The report the surgeon gave me post op stated he found 'diffuse disease' and 3 arteries were occluded. Does anyone know if this hereditary thing means I have a predisposition of building up fatty deposits and clogging up arteries or does it mean that my arteries are pre-disposed to collapse and block up etc ?

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I recently had a quadruple bypass for similar reasons. CVD had killed my father, his brother and his father at a younger age than me. I seemed to be doing OK and then in February 2017 I had an angina attack - again no BP or cholesterol issues. Hereditary means no more than you have inherited (genetically predisposed) the tendency for your arteries to fur up.

I hope you recover quickly, it took me months to get back to work after 4 x CABG. That was in 1997 and I am still alive.

I am trying to clear my arteries out. Most doctors don't think it is possible but Dr Michael Greger says that it is. See this video for further info:

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