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Needing to sound off

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Just need to sound off really and vent my frustration. Knocked over a minute off my Parkrun but felt odd as I was struggling for breath, went see GP and have been diagnosed with fluid on both lungs and waiting results back now from PNB test. Broke my little toe yesterday as well. Took me 4 years after my bypass to get this fit so just very hacked off. I know I’m luckier than a lot of people which I is why I try to stay fit etc. Having a self pity day but I’ll be back I track soon enough.

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You vent away buddy. We all have these days. Don't let hiccups hold you back. Keep doing as your told and keep your Furness up but try and don't overdo it. Good luck buddy

Thanks. Thankfully it’s not cardiac but just found out it’s kidney function so another lovely night in Salisbury hospital 😩. Still in the grander scheme of things I can’t complain. You look after yourself too.

We’ve all been there, but at least we are still alive and kicking to able to have ‘one of those days’. Fingers crossed it’s just a minor blip.

Thanks, I was just having a moment 😁

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