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Blood pressure meds


I'm sure some will tell me I'm crazy. Problem, I was put on bhp pills right after 4x by-pass. I've felt like my mind was in a fog. 10 days after the Dr. said it was not the bhp pills. I showed him 5 years of my normal pressures and said I wanted off. I don't remember how many different ones I tried. Still in a fog. My gp finally admitted to me it was parodical. Has anyone gotten off of the pills or went natural/organic? I have had high bp for 15 years now. My whole personality has changed and I'm wanting to be the loving person I use to be. I take 13 different meds every day. Any help or ideas please. TY for your time.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Please could you list your medications. With so many it is wrong to blame just one.

Carrying on with high BP will see you back for further treatment sooner than later!

Hi Michael, here's a list as of today. Amlodipine, Brilinta 2 x's day, Hydralazine 2x's day, Gabapentin 2x's day, Aspirin, Metoprolol, Ropinirole, Cyclobenzapr, Hydroxyzine, Diazepam, Ventolin as needed, Bactroban as needed and Oxycod/Acetamin as needed.

My med's have changed so many times over the years. I grow and eat organic as much as I can. All my blood test as great. My thyroid is slow but I keep losing weight. :) My body always hurt. I push my way thru it as much as I can. I only take a pain pill once a week. I live on 10 acers of land. I stay very active and I don't need to work out at a gym. The Drs. seem to just want to add on another pill instead of listen to me. My Cardio and GP are totally against trying to go natural. My insurance will only cover one visit for me to go to a Holistic Dr. I've been thru mental health and they seem to be like all the Drs, " They know best".

Any advice or thought will be wonderful. I have kids and awesome grandkids that I want to be in their lives again. I don't want them to remember my last years as always being in a fog and in pain.

Thank you, Crystal

Hi. As Michael says continuing with high BP is not a good idea. It will take time to adjust to meds and you may need to have them changed. I developed allergies to 4 of my meds and have had to change each one. But it was worth it I now feel much better. However I have done it gradually and with the support of my GP. It really is worth persevering as the medication that we take aim to prevent further damage and events. You don’t mention lifestyle. I along with others follow a strict vegan diet and continue with exercise and weight loss and have been able to reduce meds to minimum dosage.

Keep at it and hope it is sorted soon. Best wishes Zena

Thank you Zena. I now have allergies to all Statins and a lot of pollens, dirt, bee's etc. All my blood test are great except my thyroid is a bit slow, but I'm losing weight without trying. My med's have changed so many times over the years, I lost count. I eat mostly organic and grow most of my food. I don't go to work out centers, as I live on 10 acers and am always working on improvements and taking care of the animals . My worst habit is a have a couple of drinks at night.

Thank again, Crystal

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