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Unsure what I’ve got heart failure or copd


I have been being treated for copd, which I don’t doubt I have. But a visit to the doctors a year ago seemed to point to heart failure. My blood pressure was sky high and my pulse was over a hundred. I had a ECG 24 hour monitor fitted and was sent for an echocardiogram. I have never had the results of these 2tests and dispite many phone calls I’ve never known the outcome I was put in losartan 25mg and amlidopine and atorvastatin I am still very breathless and struggle to do simple things without feeling as though I’m going to pass out and not be able to breath. Is there anyone out there that could throw some light on my condition I can only walk a short distance and I feel the need to use the loo

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You really need to chase up these results again. Your GP should have seen copies, so get an appointment ASAP. I often find that the consultant's secretary will normally be pretty helpful. If phoning doesn't work then write a letter and copy in the GP.

The NHS is wonderful but admin and communication really need to improve. Do be persistent!

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Hi Marypw thank you for your reply. I will phone and make an appointment with my GP. I haven’t got a consultant. It’s mainly been dealt with at the doctors

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