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London to Brighton Cycle 17th June


Just done a very short last ride in preparation for the BHF cycle ride to Brighton tomorrow.

I wanted to post this for two reasons. First as a big thank you to Harefield Hospital, the rehab team there, and my level 4 cardiac rehab instructor who have made it possible.

Secondly I hope it shows that even at 65 a heart attack can be “managed”.

Have raised around £1200 and it’s in a cause close to us all - all I have to do is pedal for a while!

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Well done to you, hope you have good weather for your ride and get a great sense of achievement for what you have achieved for yourself and for others by raising money for the BHF


MichaelJHHeart Star

Have you a Just Giving page? There is a L2B off road for BHF later this year.,

NathanBlau in reply to MichaelJH

Yes I have a page but did not want to use this forum. What’s an L2B? Never tried off-road but would be interested in trying it out. Just message me the link or details

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