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Returning to work after heart attack


So ....I be just had the go ahead off my doctor That I can now return to work ....have two interviews this week I have to tell them about my heart attack ....and if so do I approach this in my interview so it dosnt hinder my chances of getting the job ....any ideas ?

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There’s a good chance you won’t get the job if you tell them about your heart problem. I went for an interview at Wilco and the interviewer doubted I could do the job with heart failure. I couldn’t prove I could do the job. I had no letter from the doctor saying I could do the job.

Put yourself in their position, who would you take on? Somebody with a health problem or a healthy candidate.

But you will have too explain the gap on your cv.

It’s difficult, good luck.

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Hmmmmmmm........I will just have to work harder on my interview .....will let you know how I get on ....

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Sometimes "the less said,the better"


Hi Presco,

I'm really pleased you've been given the ok to go back to work. This is a major issue for many people after heart attacks,but it really does depend on the type of work you'll be doing. There may be an occupational health screening process so you would need to check with them too,because if you were to become unwell at work, noone is covered,including yourself.

It would also depend on how you're feeling- do you feel like you can do the job?Consider the hours,travel etc, all these elements can impact on someone when they are recovering from a cardiac event. If you have been offered cardiac rehab,it's a really good way to build on your fitness and confidence and shows your potential employers that you are doing all you can to get back to a normal way of living. You may wish to download our Returning to work with a heart condition booklet from our website,

I hope I've helped and good luck!


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Hi Philippa ....yes I’ve completed cardio rehab .....fantastic people really helped me on the road to recovery with confidence and also knowledge of my body ... my heart attack was March 8th had a stent inserted .....biggest shock of my life thought I was healthy looked after myself Don’t smoke ,drink in moderation ......but this happened to me .....finished my cardio rehab ...just ready now to get my life back this site lots of views really helpful thanks every one ....


I suggest that you answer questions honestly but don’t offer information not explicitly requested.

If ask question about the demand of the job just say honestly “I believe I can do xxxxx”. If asked specifically about health issues in that last year then you will need to be honest but say that despite this you and your doctor believe you are ready etc.

Best of luck with the interviews by the way - soft drinks all round if you get one or both!

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Thank you Nathan .....I’ll let you all know ...x

Hi, if you don't declare any health issues and something arises in relation to it, it can lead to dismissal for omitting to give information on health declaration form that you sign. Occupational health departments are there to assist with assessing and recommending adjustments if required. Loads of staff with various health issues are employed and supported when declaring conditions.

Best of luck and good to hear you're doing so well x


I went to the job centre yesterday and they told me definitely don’t put the health issue on your cv, but didn’t offer any advice about filling in the gap, if any, created by the health issue. I know your past this stage and you’ve done well to get two interviews in the present work situation.

You’ll have to be careful at the interview. Like I said in my last reply they didn’t like my health issue at the interview I attended. Most people don’t understand heart issues and because it’s the heart they are wary and they think the worst.

Thanks Howard for advice ....may be ok as I moved from one area to another to live with son ..because of. heart attack ....panicked a packed my job in ....can’t return to old job as to far to travel ..... could use the relocation as reason for looking for work ...........only problem is when they ask for reference ... will my lady employer be obliged to tell reason I left was because of H/A .....hope this makes sense

There's usually a health declaration form to complete if you're called for interview. And only occupational health should get to see this information. Relocating to be near family after your HA understandable Presco, so please be assured there are companies that are supportive and will hire ppl in your position.

Best of luck x


Hi Presco, welcome to the community :)

Great to hear that you're ready to return to work. The BHF has some info that might be useful:

If you have any concerns you can also contact our heart helpline and they'll be happy to talk it through:

Really hope this helps and best of luck for your interviews :)

Simple .. don’t tell them . X

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