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Groin Angiogram

Following leg pain on walking, Friday 5 weeks after having my 3rd angiogram, 1st in my groin.

I finally had an ultrasound, they have finally admitted following complications my femoral artery from my groin to my naval is blocked.

There is enough blood flow whilst i an still but not enough when walking.

I am now waiting to find out when and how they are going to correct.

I wouldn’t wish this on anyone else but has anyone else experienced this. How did you deal with it?

Do you think this would cause additional strain on my heart?

Thank you ❤️

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I had leg pain when walking for a number of years before the cardiac issue came on the scene. The condition is called PAD (peripheral arterial disease). I did have balloon angioplasty in part of the femoral artery, behind the knee and two of the three arteries below the knee. There was also talk of a bypass behind the knee but sadly this never happened and everything has reverted. Whilst there is a cardiac issue the vascular surgeon will not consider further intervention. Many of the treatment guidelines are much the same, healthy low fat diet, exercise within your capabilities (I suffered quite a bit of cramp before the angina arrived first!), lowering cholesterol if necessary and absolutely NO SMOKING (it is often called "smokers leg"). I hope this is useful to you and do let us know how it goes.

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