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Angina meds in hot and cold weather

Had an interesting chat with GP yesterday. I’d had a collapse after taking a spray for angina (the day was hot, I was stressed). He said my meds we’re keeping my BP nice and low. But being a hot day, my blood vessels were well dilated and the spray took my BP too low. Collapse!

It occurred to me that I could take less anti anginals in the summer and more in the winter (extreme cold also effects me v badly... lots of angina).

He seemed surprised....’interesting idea’.

Anyone know of this being done? If yes, does it work?

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I go up and down only on my Nicorandil on how I feel and if I need higher dose take 30mg twice a day and 20mg when well.

This is in conjunction with my Cardiologist as I complained about the amount of drugs I take. Therefore, in winter and stressful times I take the higher dose in summer usually the lower. Cold weather definitely affects me too but too hot also makes me feel light headed and more Angina.

I have been doing this for a few years now so have a chat with them as it probably keeps them more effective in the long run.

Good luck


I noticed this last summer shortly after I was started on the cardiac dolly mix. My GP was not in favour of a variable dose citing Britain’s changeable climate. In all honesty I have to agree with this as a few weeks ago after a quite warm weekend I had to de-ice the car three mornings in a row (6:30 am). My medication was adjusted after encountering hypo-tension caused by one of the drugs. Whilst there is probably mileage in dose adjustment over the seasons I doubt there is any real will


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