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Bypass surprise - 52 years old female

Hi all, I went into hospital for am elective angiogram after having some breathlessness for about 3 months when walking up hill. To my surprise I was not allowed home and was told I had to have a bypass as some of my arteries were up to 95% blocked. It took me a while to emotionally come to terms with what was to happen and I am now 4 weeks post operation (triple) and each day gets better. Does anyone who has experienced this have pounding in their head, not a headache, but the feeling of the heartbeat in my head and ears? The BHF site has been invaluable for information and support, thank you so much.

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It could be due to blood getting to your brain more than it was but you need to talk to your doctor. I can feel my heartbeat in my head sporadically. I had quadruple bypass surgery in 1997.


Hi. I had a very similar experience - angiogram and then not allowed home. Triple bypass 8 days later. I am now 6 months post surgery and doing well. So, the heartbeat in your head and ears - I did/do experience it from time to time (less so now that I did at the beginning). I'm not sure of the cause - it seems to be worse if I'm more tired than usual, but its a bit random. I guess it could be the drugs but I've not seen anything to indicate that would be the case. If it continues to disturb you I suggest you go and see your GP - it maybe nothing, but probably better to have a professional opinion.

Wishing you continued good progress in your recovery



Thank you so much Stevejb1810, seeing GP tomorrow so may get soem answers. It maybe due to better blood flow now. They don't tell you these things do they. Glad you are doing really well.


Hi there wiltsgirl I also had similar experience to you and am now 7months post bypass and yes, I do still occasionally hear my heart beating loudly in my head...can honestly say I do not remember this before surgery..if it's any comfort to you It's not happening as often as it did a couple of months ago. Hugs.


Thank you so much for all the replies I have had. I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow with lots of questions including this one. The other thing I get is some slight visual disturbances, little flashes, that sort of thing. I guess its still early days and I should be patient. I just feel every little niggle is a problem or something is going wrong.


I get those pounding noises in my head without the surgery. I think it’s to do with blood flow. Usually better after meds. but it all seems to be classed as tinnitus. Have a look at Pulsatile Tinnitus online.


Thanks Hearty01 will do. GP says its likely to get better as time goes on and is better blood flow.

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Good luck with it.


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