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CT Colonography ok for someone that has a heart failure?

Hi everyone

My dad was diagnosed with heart failure in Feb this year and had a triple by pass in Oct 2017.

His blood results indicate anemia so, the doctors want to find out if he has internal bleeding in his stomach. They have recommended CT Colonography with Gastrografin on Friday this week. A day before this procedure, he is not allowed to eat anything and just have clear fluids. I am a little worried about this as he will take all his usual med and no food... Has anyone here got experience going through this procedure with heart failure...does it put stress on the heart if you don't eat anything? How did you find it?

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Hi there, did he tell the doctors about his condition? If so highly likely they have taken this into consideration. Suggest you call the hospital and find out for sure,

Hope it all goes well


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Hi MitPur

Usually missing a meal is ok in order to get an important scan completed, but as you say a day without food is a long time. As skid112 says, it may be worthwhile calling the scanning department (the details should be on the appointment letter, if not call the main hospital switchboard and ask for CT department), and asking what their experience is as this will happen regularly. They will usually be able to discuss with a doctor or pharmacist and advise your Dad what is best to do in this scenario.

Best of luck and I hope everything goes well for you Dad.



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