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Post Stent blockage ?

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First time Post. I had a stent fitted 5 weeks ago (angina) everything seemed good but last few days I've had some on/off discomfort about 5 inches below my left shoulder blade. Yesterday despite pain relief it wouldn't go away so I rang the BHF Cardiac nurse and was advised to try GTN spray (despite taking all meds religiously) and if no improvement after second use go 999. The discomfort eased off and I feel a lot better this morning. Is it possible a blockage in the stent has cleared or should I take further action ? I've instigated enrolment in Cardiac Rehab and first session is 11 April. I'd appreciate your feedback.Thanks David

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I am the same as you (6weeks post op ) and yesterday had to use GTN spray for first time as I had pain in left arm that had been getting worse all day.After the awfull effect of the GTN spray had worn off the pain in arm went .I am also wondering what caused the pain ,and if I need to do anything else,also when I go to Cardio rehab on the 4th April will they investigate further.I naively thought that now I had the stent fitted that I wouldnt be getting pain anymore.

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Hi junik53. I've been waiting patiently . So how did you go on your first Carduac Rehab session ? Did it anawer any questions for you ?

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Sorry haven't been too good last few days,I went to the rehab yesterday but wasn't allowed to exercise because of the pain I had been getting ,was sent to doctors as an emergency,he just gave me some nitrate tabs same as gtn spray but slower acting,took those today and feel flipping awful ,bad headache and dizzy,so exchanged one pain for another.Have appointment with Cardiac doctor on Monday,so I think they will do some tests and I will be able to ask all my questions that G.P. cant seem to answer.

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mcc19and64 in reply to junik53

Sorry to hear your news. Here's hoping the nitrate fuzz eases and you have a decent weekend . Hope you get the answers from the Cardiologist on monday.

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junik53 in reply to mcc19and64

Thanks.The headache is the worst,I am reluctant to take any more of the new pills

Hi, my other half had heart attack and luckily survived and had stent. Started rehab, plus walking. We went on holiday 3 months later, he had pain the whole time, weird back pain. Couldnt tell if gtn worked, as it made him feel awful. Had already seen gp a couple of times, who was unconcerned. Lucky for us, he then had his 4 month review at cardiology. The expert cardiac nurse said his results were okay, pain not typical of angina, but wasnt happy. She called his surgeon in, who reviewed everything and said he would see him in surgery 2 weeks later! Angio revealed 80/90 % blockage to LAD, they worked very hard to stent and balloon it to save him having a bypass. That was late october. He has now finished his rehab, has a better resting heart rate than mine and gone back to work part time.

Just always, always get it checked. Usually you would have a cardiology review at about 3 or four months post a procedure. Good luck to you

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Kristin1812Heart Star in reply to dandydemon

What a great story.. must have been seriously stressful, but at least a v happy ending.

Good for you both.

I had chest pain on and off for months following my angioplasty and stents (3 in one artery). I was told this is normal and that it should ease. It did. Talk to your cardiac rehab leaders or your GP if you are worried.

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mcc19and64 in reply to Jaycey

Thanks Jaycey. Nobody has told me anything!!!! Cardio surgeon couldn't be bothered cardio nurse said off you pop with GP letter nothing from GP and had find Cardiac Rehab myself because no contact 3 weeks after procedure. NHS great front line pity about aftercare.

Ask your GP to refer you to a cardiac nurse. That's how I found out about rehab. But all my "aftercare" was via the cardiac nurse. She went through everything including the whole procedure, all my medications and the timeframe for follow-up. The nurse was also part of the rehab class - just in case anyone had any issues.

All this cardiac stuff is a bit scary. I never realised that depression was common post procedure until I started reading this forum.

Keep your GTN handy, despite the short term side effects it is great at getting rid of the pains associated with angina. Phone your hospital and speak to Cardiac Specialist Nurses, they are brilliant and will talk it through with your consultant and get back to you. DO NOT DO NOTHING.

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