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Hi I,m new on here, I've replied to a few posts. I'm 56 and had a repair to my faulty Mitral valve at the beginning of December last year. I have recovered well and am hoping to return to work in a week or so. I did not realise how poorly I was and when I came round from the op I could breathe properly. My father had exactly the same condition all be it a few years older when he was sorted out. I hope it does not run in famlies and that it is a coincidence that I have had it, certainly do not want any one else in my generation or my son or 2nd cousin to have to go through it. Its great to find this site and in the few days I have been looking at it I have found a wealth of helpful information.

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Hi lisburb, thanks so much for your post. It's really great to hear that you find this community useful, we're always keen to hear what people think and if there's ways we can improve it for everyone. Wish you all the best with your recovery, keep us posted and stay warm!


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